: why are there so many flavors of electronic cigarettes?

by:Coolvapor     2021-02-04
For the consumer, electronic cigarettes is the most important difference in the taste of liquid. Different tastes will bring different experience for consumers. At present, the market of electronic liquid with traditional tobacco, cool mint and various fruit electronic smoke electronic cigarettes, such as mango, peach, orange, etc. So how come these different taste? In fact, the preparation of electronic liquid essence and preparation process of perfume is very similar. In addition to the traditional extraction technology, the public favorite smell through the mixing of different composition depends mainly on flavourists proportion to 'create' a wonderful smell. First of all is to choose the essential oil. Essential oil also known as flavouring agent. They is extracted from plants or animals. The liquid with spices. Many kinds of plants petals and contain natural fruit essence. This perfume is made through the use of complex technology. k5] Extract and purified to obtain the most important plant essential oil of flavouring raw materials. Then put the seasoning and mixed solvents. Essential oils are highly concentrated mother liquid, has the very high percentage of aroma. Must use a specific type of solvent to adjust the concentration of spices, to make it with different levels of flavor and texture. Essential oils and solvents of good combination can make spice rendering or implied, independent or shameful, present a protean attitude and spices. Will be experienced in the flavourists mixing of different types of perfume, to create a rich perfume. Will consider when designing perfume, flavourists target smell of the knowledge of the electronic cigarettes, and the tail in the electronic cigarette brands, and mixed, because of the essential oils from different sources to create endless aroma composition. The knowledge of the electronic cigarette flavor electronic cigarettes, in addition to tobacco flavour, mint essence and other raw materials derived from plant leaves, most essence is fruit essence. Fruit contains consumers familiar flavor ingredients, they are more suitable for the taste of the food. For the related content, if you want to learn more about the content of the pod systems, please click: electronic cigarettes a variety of flavors of security?
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