What is the temperature control of the electronic cigarette?

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-29
Electronic cigarettes 'temperature control technology, has developed several years, the whole model of temperature control function is now most of the host of' standard '. For many beginners, because they don't understand the related principle of temperature control and knowledge, so they are in the hands of temperature control function of the host don't know how to use it and which aspects need to pay attention to. On the one hand, I was curious about the effect of temperature control, on the other hand, I don't know how to use the right temperature control mode. In fact, from the professional point of view, electronic cigarettes 'temperature control' technology involves many contents, and the description of the professional knowledge will make many novice is difficult to understand. Therefore, I will use my personal understanding, and use a method of relatively popular and easy to understand to tell everyone about the temperature control of basic knowledge of the related knowledge. Hope you can understand the temperature control of the only branch of electronic cigarettes. A, electronic cigarettes, the host how to control the temperature? In the temperature control technology, if press the power button on the host, only when to release the power switch, the chip will continue output according to the current setting of the output power. To host job protection limit the chip only after a long period of time will stop the power supply. In this process, the chip is always continuous output according to the current of the power electronic cigarettes, and atomizer coil temperature is increased. It is one of the steps of making the RBA atomizer coil 'line'. Press and hold the power button in the oxide layer is formed on the surface of the coil, in order to avoid local short circuit. This is the power output of a typical example. As long as you have the power, the coil will continue to heat and even burn out. Temperature control mode allows the user to set temperature, such as 220 ° C. After reaching corresponding to the set temperature of the resistance of the coil, the chip will reduce the output power electronic smoke temperature control knowledge, in order to prevent the resistance continues to rise, namely the temperature continues to rise. Chip through a series of step-up and step-down to adjust output power, keeping coil resistance changes with the set up of the corresponding resistance. The temperature. For example, a coil of the initial resistance to 0. 1 Ω, the material at 200 ° C corresponding TCR coefficient is 1. 3, users will be set to a temperature of 200 ° host of C. Then, when the user press the power switch, the chip will detect the change of the coil resistance. When it reaches 0. 13 Ω, the chip will determine the coil has reached 200 ℃, and reduce the output, in order to make the resistance of the coil are not high. 0. 13 Ω is not lower than the resistance, this is the output characteristics. The temperature control. Just like driving a car, keep the car running at the constant speed of 80 MPH. More than 80 MPH, throttle will shut; Less than 80 MPH, the gas to be used.
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