What is electronic cigarette mechanical lever?

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-10
What is a mechanical lever electronic cigarettes? Many new to ask the question, because the is not so much how many w mechanical lever knowledge of electronic cigarettes, they just give you a directly, and the old players know how to tie rod, which makes some new to talk about these things, I don't know how to integrate mechanical lever how many w knowledge of electronic cigarettes, so today I will discuss in detail for everyone e-cigarettes mechanical lever. What is mechanical lever? Electronic cigarettes mechanical lever is the fuselage with a removable battery, can be replaced, you can use a long or short. Electronic cigarettes mechanical joystick buttons is spring, the diy atomizer you can make your own heart, and can according to oneself to like the taste of smoke volume. What is a mechanical lever electronic cigarettes? Working principle of machine leverage electronic cigarettes mechanical lever principle is very simple, just like a flashlight. Connect the positive by the anode of the atomizer to the positive pole of the battery, the machinery tube wall of the cathode, and simple in the current path is controlled by a switch to turn on or off. It doesn't have any electronic circuit, also do not have any protection function. Just press the switch, current will flow in the circuit. With previous player's words are 'if you don't understand the principle of electronic smoke, as long as you dare to press the switch of the machinery rod w: how many knowledge, it may be possible to smoke and short circuit. What is the difference between 'electronic and mechanical? Electronics can be adjusted automatically by the chip control voltage. Player manually adjust the output power. Under the same resistance value price of electronic cigarettes, the greater the power, per unit of time the current flowing through the heating wire is larger. ( Understandably, heat faster) Pod systems brands, mechanical lever cannot adjust output power, basically is the regulation of the maximum power of battery storage battery, therefore the resistance heating wire [ Must be deeper to understand. Novice players will choose the safest electronic rod. How to choose the electronic cigarettes mechanical lever? First of all, the price of the authentic machine price lever is about 500 ~ 6000. Usually, you just need to choose of about 700 ~ 900 of mechanical lever. I suggest beginners use vgod tugboat rogue av. And so on, vgod and tug to cheaper. Authentic uniaxial 500 ~ 800. This is an introduction. A good choice is also a lot of girls boyfriend gift. The first choice of the rogue a little expensive. k5] The price also is similar to the rogue. Of course, these expensive mechanical lever in the design and are also top of the ignition of explosive force. What is a mechanical lever electronic cigarettes? Electronic smoke mechanical lever of the above has introduced you to basic information. Electronic cigarettes still different mechanical rod and electronic rod. In general, advanced electronic cigarettes players should be more like electronic cigarettes mechanical lever, for starters, usually recommend the use of electronic lever.
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