What is electronic cigarette?

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-28
What is ? Maybe many people already use electronic cigarettes for a long time. The concept of the is unclear, so today I will discuss with you. Some veterans or to know a little bit of the will think there is no point in your article too. Who also don't know the . I just want to say: you can. Begin your play. In retrospect, I lost in this industry for nearly five years. I never get success, but rather rely on some old customers the support and care. It is still barely maintenance. As the industry booming, the development. Five years later, some new customers will still be some basic questions. Electronic cigarette product knowledge, therefore, Mr Will use his professional knowledge in the near future. For some customers at first, they will encounter problems and solve one by one. ( Dare not say professional product knowledge, for fear of being sprayed) Should be retained to the official account, just for the convenience of all in the future. First of all, I will explain some of the basic knowledge of electronic cigarettes. Later will be carried out more detailed analysis of the classification. Ready to BB. What is ? The first generation of was invented in China and production, 90% of the world's electronic cigarettes and related products exported to shenzhen, China. We must let the power of the Chinese people. In a broad sense, the is device can replace conventional cigarettes. His work is also very easy to understand, the converts electrical energy into heat, and use the heat evaporation heat and smoke oil to produce steam. Focus on the 'steam'. With the development of the era, the appearance of the has from the original single rod shape into all sorts of appearance now. What is the complete part of the electronic cigarettes? The most basic part of it must be the body of the equipment and power supply part ( The battery) And the heating part ( Atomizer) 。 Equipment body type. The question really is hard to define, difficult to understand? Seems to be less accurate. But maybe can distinguish appearance. Function to distinguish word, mechanical equipment, half of mechanical equipment, constant pressure equipment, pressure regulating device. Well product knowledge, should be like this. Atomizer type. In order to difference from the appearance and structure, it can be divided into RDA drops of oil atomizer, RTA - DIY drops of oil atomizer, RDTA - DIY drops of oil atomizer, TANK atomizer. The main body of the device and the type of atomizer in the subsequent content in another article, introduce detailed information to you. Job characteristics. Is that the influence of the harm to human body is less than conventional cigarettes, because the electronic cigarettes in the process of produce smoke do not have any open flame. ] 。 At the same time, the smoke is water vapor. During the period of working, the battery power will be heated atomizer heating wire, and the temperature of the heating wire will rise rapidly. The rise of the temperature of the smoke will directly impact on oil. When smoke oil is heated, it began to evaporation and brands, produced we saw the smoke. Electronic cigarette smoking effect. According to statistics, the is known to quit smoking rate is the highest in the world of alternative products to quit smoking. But, the quit rate was only about 37. 4%. Therefore, the is quit smoking rate is one of the best products. But it is not 100% can give up smoking. Liu thinks that can replace smoking, and smoking is, indeed, willpower. When are you sure you want to quit smoking, if the success rate of 50% of the brands, is to stop smoking when using electronic cigarettes. I can assure you it will greatly improve the success rate. Therefore, we need to study objectively the effect of to quit smoking. Can't say the product is not successful failure.
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