The electronic cigarette industry can continue? The electronic cigarette industry knowledge analysis

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-21
In 2019, many of the industry issued the voice. Many people say that the industry is under a trend, and a lot of people say that the industry profit is very high, now entering must be rich. To earn. Of course, there are a lot of voice said industry will become cool, and industry status is not optimistic. The editor will give you a comprehensive introduction of industry, and help you faster understanding of the industry. A electronic cigarettes, three main factors drive demand growth, 1) Consumption upgrade lead demand change, represented by the big smoke Vape culture is becoming a trend. Big smoke is in order to meet the pursuit of fashion, trendy and cool Vape player's needs. ] Way of life; ( 2) Tobacco control is more and more strict, to enhance health awareness, quit the market steady development. Cigarette product has the appearance of the simulated, the simulation of the cigarette smoking method and the advantages of easy to carry,. , can meet the demand of market consumers quit smoking; ( 3) Electronic cigarette compared with the dangers of tobacco, a smaller, more rich taste, more cost effective. Can replace the tobacco; Second, the industry development trend, 1) Industry consolidation and the national more than 3900 companies facing reshuffle. Companies highly concentrated at the hands of the market, the , electronic cigarettes a leading firms are expected to increase its competitive advantage. k0] Regulatory policy to raise the threshold of the industry and product updates may change product competition model, reducing product category and extend the life cycle; ( 2) With the development of the industry, the trend of the brand, product development and design of the color constantly improve; ( ( 3) Brand companies pay more and more attention to channel construction, focus on the online store and offline brand experience shop industry basic knowledge, strengthen the e-commerce online + offline store basic knowledge of the layout of the industry, and more involved in cross-border e-commerce business channels. Three, the structure of the is mainly composed of atomizer electronic cigarettes, power of chamber and battery. Atomizer includes guide oil cotton, heating wire, atomizing core and other accessories; Divided into mechanical tank and electric tank power capsule. The difference between the two is whether there is a protection circuit, the electric bridge has a protective circuit, higher security. Part four, electronic cigarettes each can be classified by the following methods: 1. To use electronic liquid or powder: according to the electronic smoke is to use electronic liquid or powder, it can be divided into disposable electronic cigarettes and liquids of cartridge and atomizer electronic cigarettes. 2. By power capsule type classification: if by power capsule type classification, can be divided into types of machinery and electronic type. 3. According to user's suction method classification: according to user's suction method, electronic cigarettes can be divided into straight suction nozzle, straight lung and double suction. 。 Electronic cigarettes of different suction method is different because of the smoke of power. 4. According to the appearance of electronic cigarettes classification: according to the electronic cigarettes, it can be divided into small smoke, ZhongYan and great smoky. Small cigarette smoke is to use industry basic knowledge, the representative of the blue and white products. China tobacco is one of the most common EGO series of . Great smoky including atomizer and powerhouse, usually can use relatively large energy supplement. For the Chinese cigarette magazine (above 香烟。 com) Editor, everyone is introduced about the relevant contents of the analysis of the industry knowledge, related to the industry after reading? Learn more about information, if you want to know more information, please click: the development prospects of electronic cigarettes? In 2019, the industry does not reduce!
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