Teach you how to deal with electronic cigarettes liquid problem?

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-26
Methods/step 1: if you smoke electronic cigarettes, why do you dry mouth? Is normal. Due to the main components of the electronic liquid, glycerin, VG) And propylene glycol ( PG) Are highly absorbent material. Any advertising claims that the smoke of oily and dry is not credible. Is everyone's mouth saliva secretion capacity is different. The secretion of some ability is very strong, so will not feel dry mouth. If you happen to belong to secrete ability weaker people, please drink more water. You don't need to consider how to replace the electronic liquid, also won't work. Electrons in the liquid ingredients like this, no one can change it. Methods/step 2: what is the tender skin oil? Why do you want to wake up the oil? Electronic liquid by a variety of high molecular compound chemical composition. It also includes a variety of flavor agent, including oily substance and water base. Although the density between them is very close, but there is still a separate, just like oil and water. Wake up the oil is in order to make them fully mix with each other, and ultimately achieve balance. Methods/step 3: DIY electronic liquid hard? Safe? Make their own electronic liquid without difficulty. After choosing materials, can according to the formula will mix them. DIY electronic liquid the real risk is the credibility of raw materials. Please try to choose to have the FDA, USP, EP certified suppliers. Blind pursuit of low price is definitely not a good thing smoke oil price knowledge, after all, it comes from the lungs to breathe in. Methods/step 4: why when you smoking in the mouth, the oil smoke no smell? For electronic liquid, each person's feeling is not exactly the same. Some addicted to cigarettes players feel the is boring, or worse than expected, this is completely normal. But electronic smoke, sometimes a novice players due to equipment set up and smoke too little. Because my first sense organs have no impression of electronic cigarettes, so I don't think the taste, wrongly, that is the situation. To be honest, the preparation method of the success of electronic cigarettes in addition to taste, the overall taste should be rich and sweet. Methods/step 5: why have the taste of the atomizer smoking than another atomizer? According to the volume and the atomization of different degrees, a good atomizer may have its own style. Many players use 4 or 5 atomizer, but often use brand, most people only one. Because the atomizer feels in his. Therefore, when the novice players choose atomizer, please try to choose the popular, and is not affected by appearance and advertisement text. Because most people's choice. Methods/step 6: smoke oil is too sweet greasy? Some electronic liquid tastes sweet and greasy, so may not be suitable for you. It may also be because the awakening process of electric liquid before leaving the factory was not fully completed. You can choose to place two weeks before tasting, or add VG dilute flavor, or choose to directly change the flavor. Pod systems smoke oil price knowledge, therefore, the first attempt to use the new electronic liquid, we do not recommend a buy lots of large bottle, because this may not be good for you. Veteran, I always buy a small bottle of smoke oil price knowledge, decided to drink what kind of taste, then buy more big bottles of the same tastes. Veteran is a veteran. Methods/step 7: why ate two to feel dizzy? Everyone is different tolerance of nicotine. Electronic liquid itself is the product contains nicotine. If you feel dizzy when smoking electronic cigarettes, can try to use low nicotine content of the electronic liquid or the nicotine content of the liquid. If you still feel dizzy, please immediately stop using the products, after all, health is not a small matter. Electronic liquid, after all, it is difficult to adjust, I like, you may not like it, try using a different brand and taste, you will gradually find suits own things.
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