'Press the floating electronic cigarettes smoke' tobacco control measures can't 'press the gourd floating it'

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-29
Haiying zhang is the 33rd world no tobacco day on May 31. According to the Xinhua News Agency, the Chinese center for disease control and prevention released a Chinese middle school in 2019 tobacco survey results. The results show that the middle school students' use of cigarettes, significant decline, use of electronic cigarettes, significant rise. Experts say that more than half of the smokers who start smoking before the age of 20. Smoking affects teenagers' normal development, sex hormone levels and so on, therefore, young people should be far away from tobacco and electronic cigarettes. From the point of the survey's results, junior high school students use tobacco treatment achieved obvious effect. This result has not come easily, is worthy of recognition, but tobacco control has appeared in the 'pressure gourd make spoons to rise' phenomenon. Data also showed that the proportion of students heard of electronic cigarettes in early 2019 to 69. 9%, the utilization of electronic cigarettes to 2 now. Electronic cigarettes, 7% added 24. 9% and 1. 5%. You can see 'cigarettes floating electronic cigarettes. Cigarette harm is most people know, in fact also dangerous electronic cigarettes. Party last March 15 revealed in the name of the smoking teenagers for a long time, they will also be dependent on nicotine ( May cause cancer) 。 In the United States, there are 37 people died of diseases related to electronic cigarettes electronic cigarettes new knowledge popularization, and more than 1800 people have suffered lung injury due to electronic cigarettes. Many people don't know the dangers of electronic cigarettes, so they use electronic cigarettes instead of continue to smoke cigarettes. This is because the traders do not contain tar, are suspended particles and other harmful components of smoke novice knowledge popularization, and to 'stop smoking artifact', 'black lung', 'young', 'fashion' for the flag. And 'trend'. So, if you want to let people refuse to use electronic cigarettes, you must first take full control of the false propaganda of the according to law. Electronic cigarette whether the actual effect of magic as propaganda, should according to its actual composition and adverse effect strictly investigate and deal with electronic cigarettes new knowledge popularization, this and the protection of minors, 'advertisement law' and other laws and regulations. Obviously, should be strictly prohibited electronic cigarettes all forms of publicity. Second, the dangers should be widely promoted. In the past few years, the popularity of cigarette harm has obtained certain achievement. Junior middle school students smoking decreased significantly associated with the spread of knowledge. But, as a new product, electronic cigarettes to understand the harm sex relatively late, so a lot of people don't understand it, so should speed up the promotion of the speed and scope, to expose the packing lies e-cigarettes as a high-tech products and fashionable consumption. The third is forbidden to sell electronic cigarettes to minors. If minors not using electronic cigarettes, cannot use them. For this situation, in 2018, the relevant state departments issued 'about prohibited to sell electronic cigarettes to minors notice; In 2019, issued a further management files, including closing electronic cigarettes a Internet sales site or customer. The next step is to effective implementation regulations. Fourth, the has clearly into legislation of tobacco control. At present, shenzhen, hangzhou and other cities have electronic smoke clear into the local legislation of tobacco control, but still need to other cities to follow up, at the national level and even necessary to speed up the legislation and control of electronic cigarettes. Only in this way can we avoid price of electronic cigarettes, tobacco control 'float the cigarette ' phenomenon. Author hopes the utilization rate of junior high school students significantly improve electronic smoke ' prices will cause the related department, school, family and social attention. In order to protect the healthy growth of minors, facing the electronic smoke, and curb the minors taking the phenomenon of electronic cigarettes, we must resolutely to electronic cigarettes said 'no'.
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