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by:Coolvapor     2021-02-04
This article is based on the rich experience in electronic cigarettes, lists the novice electronic cigarettes, they will encounter all sorts of questions and answers. This article is very long, but they are all dry dry, more objective than the various articles on the Internet, you must ask, you almost can find the answer in this article. Due to the full text is longer, so divided into two parts. 1. Why atomizer core have coke? The biggest reason is the instantaneous output power is too high. Cotton core is too tight in the hotline, which leads to the poor conduction oil, and hotline will start to make the cotton core dry. Will also have this kind of the smell of burning, can reduce the power or reset cotton core looseness to solve. 2. How to avoid the smell of burning when assembling atomizer? After installation of heating wire and cotton core, please do not close the fuel tank directly. Add a few drops on the heating wire above all electronic liquid, then burning to observe the effect. If cotton core showing signs of turning black, please adjust the firmness of the cotton core again. Before you used to use the power, there is still no signs of confusion, and then close the fuel tank. 3. Usually need to take several boxes of cotton and cotton core for oil? According to your usage frequency and output power of the size of the. There is no clear standard requires the use of a number of tanks and a replacement wick. According to the production level, some players need to change once a day, and there is 10 days to change. Often, however, change electric heating silk and cotton core will not have any harm, that is to say, you can enjoy the fresh taste and exercise their proficiency. In the aspect of remove and remove accumulated experience. 3. Electronic liquid is too sweet, too greasy and swelling? Some electronic liquid tastes sweet and greasy, so this kind of smell may not be suitable for you. It may also be because the awakening process of electric liquid before leaving the factory was not fully completed. You can choose to place two weeks before tasting, or add VG to dilute flavor, or you can choose to change directly. Therefore, the first attempt to use the new electronic liquid, we do not recommend a buy lots of large bottle, because this may not be good for you. Veteran, I always buy small bottle and decided to drink what kind of taste, then buy more big bottles of the same tastes. Veteran is veteran 5. Sore throat is how to return a responsibility? This is not a good answer to the question of right. Smoke from the outlet suction mouth, which contains the nicotine to mild irritation in your throat. 6. Why do I fainted after two stuttering? Each person different tolerance to nicotine. Electronic liquid itself is the product contains nicotine. If you feel dizzy when smoking electronic cigarettes, can try to use low nicotine content of the electronic liquid or the nicotine content of the liquid. If you still feel dizzy, please immediately stop using the electronic cigarette products, after all, health is not a small matter. 7. How to determine the electronic liquid is good or bad, whether it is suitable for me? Even if we are familiar friend, we are not easy to recommend. Because it is recommended to him, so he bought it. People also know that we are not in the harm he pod systems equipment knowledge, but after all it is a real deal. Electronic liquid, after all, it is difficult to adjust the electronic cigarettes and equipment knowledge, what I like, you may not like it, try using a different brand and taste, you will gradually find suits own things. We are all here. 8. Why do you want to enter smoke, smell like rust? That's because there is no hot wire, cotton or oil is not smooth. After hot filament electronic liquid evaporation in the moment, later will not be able to provide them, so there will be the smell of hot filament. To adjust the cotton core can often solve. Even if it is a good suggestion, also may in the end is not suitable for you. Still need to continue to accumulate knowledge and remains to be seen. I believe that you finally can choose their favorite products. If the novice can buy electronic regulator box, then don't buy poles. Box has a large battery capacity and adequate power output, it is more appropriate.
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