New mechanical lever can use electronic cigarettes?

by:Coolvapor     2021-02-05
Because of its simple structure, and mechanical beauty and artistry, mechanical lever still favored by many users. Some novice really like mechanical lever of beautiful appearance, that it has a special charm in hand. But, on the other hand, due to the mechanical lever of the influence of all kinds of rumors 'negative', I dare not to use it and stay away from it. On the other hand, I like the shape of a mechanical lever, I was afraid of pod systems prices, and I am very tangled. A few days ago, someone at the debate whether new immigrants can use mechanical lever, suggested that the new immigrants use mechanical lever into the pit? Today, I will discuss with many novice about mechanical lever related topics, I hope you can correct understanding of mechanical lever 'angels and demons' as a unique pod systems equipment. A, the couple can use mechanical rod into the pit? Asked this question actually as in the 'new photographers can use SLR camera? ', the author's answer is: yes! Mechanical lever is the same as the pressure adjusting device, is a main device of a kind of electronic cigarettes. You can use any equipment into the pit, but the applicability problems need to be considered. Therefore, the author's answer is that new immigrants can be used for mechanical lever device into the pit, but is not recommended. Second, the novice why recommend the use of mechanical lever? Working principle of manipulator is very simple, just like a flashlight. Connect the positive by the anode of the atomizer to the positive pole of the battery, the wall of the cathode electrode, a simple current path is controlled by a switch to turn on or off. It doesn't have any electronic circuit, also do not have any protection function. Just press the switch, current will flow in the circuit. With previous player's words are 'if you don't understand the principle, as long as you dare to press the switch, it is likely to smoke and short circuit. 'The use of mechanical lever needs certain basic knowledge of electronic cigarettes, as well as the basic cell and related common sense, so that more safely use mechanical lever. People will inevitably paralysis, even the old players will inevitably make mistakes. Many people have forgotten the mechanical lock lever in the bag before locking it. Due to the wrong pressure, mechanical lever long time how much electricity e-cigarettes mechanical lever w knowledge, damage to the battery and atomizer core, or in the car for a long time, so has never been a example. A few. Even the 'timid and cautious', because of a lack of the brain, they often make some low-level mistakes. The novice's lack of experience. In normal use, the atomizer of heat conduction, mechanical shaft also can form high temperature. If unable to determine the temperature, if not the temperature, which is the most important safety index. In the event of danger, because of frequent attention to security issues, the user will also affect the user experience. So rather than use it in the 'uneasy', before enjoying mechanical charm than real understand this principle. Three, why mechanical lever prone to accident? Because the mechanical lever itself has no electronic circuit, so there is no corresponding protection function, similar to the principle of the flashlight. Player once vividly for example: 'the principle of mechanical lever of equivalent smashed with a flashlight bulbs, then put the filament on the cotton'. Mechanical extremely positive, therefore, very thin, much thinner than 510 positive voltage regulator, this is to prevent the use's gentle and sunken into the atomizer cause a short-circuit. If there is no positive mechanical rod, the atomizer to ban the use of 510 flush, because the positive and negative and the positive direct contact of the battery at the same time, form the current closed loop. This kind of circumstance is the most dangerous, because the function of the switch is completely canceled, and the direct current in the positive electrode of the battery is connected to the power of the atomizer 510 parts. Four, the battery is the foundation of mechanical safety rod. It is well known that the mechanical accident is, in fact, blaming the mechanical lever error, because the mechanical lever itself is metal tube, how can blast? Internal battery explosion is a mechanical lever. Therefore, the use of mechanical lever first security premise is battery. Therefore, using mechanical lever need knowledge of safety.
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