Introductory chapter of electronic cigarettes

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-21
Understand the nature of electronic cigarettes and atomization ( Electronic liquid) 1: what is ? The I can quit smoking? The is using electricity to make resistance wire short circuit to generate heat to evaporation of smoke oil to produce smoke device. Electronic cigarettes can completely replace the burning cigarette, because smoking depends on personal habits and needs. 2: electronic cigarettes are harmful? Harmful smoke oil? According to the materials used and electronic liquid of electronic cigarettes, it can be seen that electronic cigarettes than burning cigarette healthier, more secure. Through analysis of fiber rope accident enter human body as a result of the unknown, also found no unsafe factors. Belongs to water vapor of the smoke, without any harmful substances and cigarette tar, so there is no pollution of secondhand smoke, and there will be no unpleasant smell. 3: what is electronic liquid ingredients? How to operate the ? Electronic liquid is mainly composed of glycerol ( Glycerin) , propylene glycol, flavor or fragrance and nicotine ( Nicotine) Composition. Nicotine in the human body stay 4 to 7 hours, and then through the metabolism ( Urine) From the body. Pod systems work method is very simple. Resistance wire winding on conducting oil materials, then the battery to the resistance wire ( Heating wire) , so as to make it short circuit and generate heat, thus evaporation smoke oil and smoke. Electronic cigarettes novice understanding of atomizer, pressure regulating rod, mechanical lever 1: what is the atomizer? How many kinds of atomizer? Atomizer is the most important part of electronic cigarettes, it includes the kernel heating components and electronic liquid warehouse. Heating component is replaceable parts. Atomizer is roughly divided into three categories: core type, drip irrigation and homemade. There is a god, so I don't introduce it here. In core type: the body of the atomizer is electronic liquid storage, heating component called the atomization core. The whole atomizer can only work by installing the atomization core, and the atomization core is usually made by the manufacturer. Replaceable parts. Appearance are usually more business, more portable. Drops of oil type: belongs to the homemade heating component of atomizer. Characterized by the great amount of smoke. After a few bites, needs to be open and drip into the. No tank. Can play, but please don't use for a long time. Function and different materials, the effect is also different. The atomizer can be equipped with a variety of battery electronic cigarettes, whether mechanical cigarette holder or voltage regulator mouthpiece, can perfect play like a goddess of excellent performance, can meet the needs of all kinds of people! The disadvantage is that it is big and heavy, isn't very convenient for carrying and carry out. 2: what is the difference between pressure regulating rod and mechanical rod? First of all, let's have a look at the structure of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarette is divided into two structures, battery pole and atomizer. Regulating the cigarette bar has the function of adjustable voltage can be regulated according to the resistance of the atomizer voltage. Through the function of the voltage regulation, the user can choose the required number of smoke and taste. Mechanical cigarette holder is a cigarette holder unable to adjust the voltage. Mechanical cigarette holder can use other types of lithium batteries. Here we explained that regulating the cigarette stick usually use polymer battery. A little better. Regulating tobacco rod being limited by the circuit board. Therefore, regulating the cigarette rod release of the current power of about 2 to 3 a. 5 a, about 3 v to 5 v voltage, and low resistance limit is usually lower than 1 ohm, battery bar will not ever since. Mechanical cigarette rod directly by lithium battery discharge, the current power of about 6 a. The power difference between the two is almost in half, and mechanical cigarette holder does not limit the minimum resistance. The residual capacity of lithium battery according to slowly reduce the voltage. Full of electric voltage is 4. 2 v, the minimum voltage of 2. 75V。 3: voltage and special connection between power supply and atomizer is? In the last section, we learned that mechanical cigarette holder has more power, and regulating cigarette holder has a wealth of voltage level. When selected, must first determine the demand. Oil quality electronic cigarettes taste good, but the smell of cigarette is still the daily use of] More appropriate. If you stop smoking, the friend can choose fruit and tea or other food flavour to adhere to and slowly lower concentrations. If you are not satisfied, can change the smoke fluid, make its proper cool off. Electronic liquid should be with good quality. The market is full of other brands and three kinds of the electronic liquid. Suggest to find the source of the electronic liquid and purchased from manufacturers.
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