Introduction to beginners introduction to electronic cigarette smoke

by:Coolvapor     2021-02-01
Beginners e-cigarettes novice, there is always some confusion about this line. If you decide to enter pit, it is recommended that you first understand the relevant knowledge of electronic cigarettes, here is the new electronic cigarette can understand the five points: 1, may be in electronic cigarette smoking for the first time cough of 600 electronic cigarette users according to the survey, 57% of the crowd for the first time in the electronic cigarette smoking when they cough, but generally speaking, this is temporary, 93% of people said they would stop coughing. Inhalation of electronic cigarettes there are many reasons to cause cough. Some people have propylene glycol ( PG) Allergic to, some people can't use the equipment correctly. Because a lot of people in quitting smoking will cough, cough, therefore, may have nothing to do with pod systems smoking. 2, suction mouth and lung suction equipment electronic cigarettes are divided into mouth suction device and lung suction device. Distinguish between the two is very important, this means that you will have different sucking ways of electronic cigarettes. For example, an electronic cigarettes, cigarette, writing electronic cigarettes are usually mouth suck, that is to say, you will before inhaling smoke into the mouth electronic cigarette brands, is very similar with smoking. So it is more popular in electronic cigarettes a new hands. The equipment such as pressure regulator box will evaporate a lot of smoke, it is more suitable for direct inhalation lung. 3, choose VG/PG vegetable glycerin ( VG) And propylene glycol ( PG) Is two main components of most electronic liquid. PG electronic liquid bottle and the proportion of VG pod systems prices, will affect the electronic liquid concentration and taste. VG accounted for a large proportion of the electronic liquid, take longer heating time, usually need a pressure adjusting box, and less nicotine content; The electronic liquid with higher content of PG has more] Throat feeling. 4, and the choice of nicotine concentration except taste electronic cigarette box, initiation of electronic liquid nicotine concentration can also be used as a selection, one of the key factors. Nicotine concentration refers to the per milliliter electronic nicotine content in liquid. You can choose according to the level of smoking nicotine concentration. Light smokers should try to 3 mg/ml, 3 mg per milliliter electronic liquid nicotine) , while light smokers should try 5 mg/ml. 5 electronic cigarettes, indoor suction attention at present, many Chinese cities have electronic cigarettes should be brought into the scope of tobacco control. For example, in the electronic cigarette box primer closed the airport, subway and other public places electronic cigarette brands, may ban the use of electronic cigarettes and other tobacco substitutes. Therefore, in the control range contained in the pod systems smoking in the city, not allowed to use electronic cigarettes. Please pay attention to it! Above is brought about by the editor of a beginner electronic cigarette smoke introduction knowledge introduction to the relevant contents of electronic cigarette box, if you want to learn more about electronic cigarettes content, welcome to click: electronic smoke how to choose the carburetor beginners start guide
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