How to properly adopt electronic cigarettes?

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-27
The attention of the domestic market index can be said to be a lot of V, a few years ago the television advertising can quit image is deeply rooted in people's hearts, there are many smokers try to quit to pay for it, but with the increase of users, the traditional automatic type smoke less, short battery life and bad taste. The gradually exposed the shortcomings, leading to the reputation of the plummeted, and gradually faded from the public eye. When the old driver to lead the way, how to take the first step in electronic cigarettes in recent years, along with the foreign technology upgrade, the increase of the gameplay, improve user experience, electronic cigarettes to gain attention and once again into public view. Modern mainstream electronic yanju more patterns and more choice. In images, for example, now e-cigarettes as a DIY computer host, you can choose a different battery box, different battery, different atomizer, different E - Liquid or use wire to DIY heating elements. The complete electronic smoke components mainly including atomizer, battery pole and smoke cigarettes oil complete electronic consists of three parts: atomizer, batteries and electronic liquid, each of the three parts has at least hundreds of different types, these types of varies according to the demand of the players] Combination can have different effects, such as the pursuit of taste, the pursuit of great smoky, want to replace the cigarettes, etc. For new user, your demand is different, choice is very diverse. About electronic cigarettes purchase with purchase of the same desktop. Like DIY host, if you are an avid game player, then you will be hard for the performance of the display card. Although there is no single step configuration of electronic cigarettes, but I hope this article can teach beginners how to choose the first electronic cigarettes, even replace it in the future, also can replace to minimize cost, so don't waste money, is very interesting. If you want to play to the role of the electronic cigarettes, well then you should at least understand the principle of electronic cigarettes, why atomizer with a battery pack will send out more than a traditional cigarette smoke] 。 Although the author is not a physical discipline, but use after period of time, I was still a basic understanding of the working principle of electronic cigarettes. The electronic heating the atomization core heating wire the author used the RBA ( To rebuild the atomizer) Atomizer. In a nutshell brand, you need to manually make heating elements. Why did you choose this type of atomizer, at first just for the purpose of saving money. Atomizer is divided into core and DIY core of finished product. The former don't need to do yourself. You can use the complete heating core to replace it. Price 10 - 20 yuan, who need to make your own heating core, the average cost of a few cents, but like the classic five atomizer, DIY core is easier to get started. As long as you don't too lazy, the RBA atomizer is right choice. Electronic cigarette work circuit principle diagram of working principle of the is actually very simple, the most basic physical circuit diagram can clearly mark of its working principle. When the user presses the pressure adjusting box of switches, battery discharge, the current flowing through the loop, the atomizer in the heating wire heating and heat release, at this moment in the heating wire hole in the smoke on the heat conduction oil cotton oil after high temperature and evaporation, smoke is produced. During the user of inhaled air from the air inlet of the atomizer, so continuous smoke will be drawn into the mouth of the user or lungs. Atomizer is one of the most important part of electronic cigarettes. Atomizer determines the quality of the user in different quantity and the smell of smoke inhalation. Tastes vary from person to person, the user needs to try more. For inexperienced users, the authors recommend some reputable individual, high popularity of the electronic liquid is a good choice. If possible, you can also go to the local store to give it a try.
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