How to prevent electronic smoke explosion?

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-15
Electronic cigarette itself will not explode, explode the battery itself, only when using bad battery products and excessive use of products will only be possible! Why electronic smoke explosion? Today's electronic cigarettes can be divided into two categories, one kind is big type smoke electronic cigarettes, one kind is in play type electronic cigarettes, also known as little smoke. Relatively large type smoke explosion would have a better chance for a bit. Because of its complex structure, different power is needed. So next, we respectively to say big type smoke electronic cigarettes and in caused the explosion. Why electronic smoke explosion? Large type smoke explosion 18650 batteries battery is commonly used in the electronic cigarettes, is quite so strong light flashlight batteries, capacity generally around 2500 ma. Battery explosion nothing but has the following several ways: 1, bought the fake batteries 2, bought without battery protection board 3, with the wrong atomizer 4, battery packaging skin damage, skin is to point to the next layer out from the battery outer coat of paint. So what is without battery protection board? General normal manufacturer of battery can have battery protection board, of course the price will be higher. After all, in the technical content. But not for small workshops of batteries, battery protection board, so the price is cheaper. For the sake of safety of life, this kind of petty gain still don't be greedy! Electronic smoke explosion would appear on the pole, because temperature regulating box is a belt protection device. And mechanical lever is not, mechanical lever is divided into two interfaces, one is spring interface, is a kind of hollow out interface. Use hollow out the mechanical lever of the interface, need extra attention, atomizer need to select the electrode column protruding, this point to bear in mind that if you don't clear atomizer bulge, you need to use a screwdriver before mechanical lever on a little twist bulge outward. Why electronic smoke explosion? For spring type electronic smoke explosion reasons for playing the is using electricity short answer the resistance wire heating evaporation smoke oil smoke of equipment, mainly by cheng fang smoke oil smoke bomb device, evaporation device and battery pole of 3 parts, battery pole can transform oil smoke bomb inside the smoke into the fog. Rod internal structure composed of rechargeable batteries and a variety of electronic circuit, most of the electronic cigarettes USES lithium ion secondary battery and power supply components, battery is the engine electronic cigarettes. In playing the electronic smoke explosion of part also for batteries. A, poor battery explosion almost 80% of all accidents associated with the battery failure of electronic cigarettes, generally inferior battery materials, incoming bad bad, circularity, zero should be modified, discharge voltage is not stable, easily occur in the electrolyte decomposition faults, such as an explosion caused by short circuit are prone to batteries. Second, is not conducive to heat dissipation of the external environment lead to explosive electronic cigarettes if you don't have good heat dissipation design and overheat control system, internal heat will cause electronic cigarettes can't be send out in a timely and effective manner, so as to cause burning explosion accident. Electronic smoke near the high temperature object, for example, or long-term placed in under the exposure of the car, pocket closed space, are not conducive to heat dissipation, increases the possibility of explosion. Three: excessive charge explosion of some products charger not overcharge protection function, once the charge will cause smoke control chip fails, extremely easy to cause the battery heat expansion leakage, and even explosion accidents. 4: process and assembly quality is poor and lead to explosive electrode and the cell pole thread safe clearance is small, in the process of contact is easy to cause a short-circuit. To explode. In industry self-discipline is not high, the law has no regulation, product without testing, do not rule out some short-sighted manufacturers for the pursuit of profit and shipment, the products may have quality problems. Here, to remind the smoker friends pay attention to safety, also called on relevant departments as soon as possible to electronic cigarettes national standard and policy, make the industry on the right track, to safeguard the smokers used.
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