How to categorize Internet celebrity product electronic cigarettes?

by:Coolvapor     2021-02-06
Wet garbage recycling, hazardous waste, and dry garbage is unclear. Why our country began to implement the garbage classification? Yang optical network popularization of information on the site. With more common sanitary landfill, composting and incineration of garbage disposal method, compared to recycle and reuse is undoubtedly the best and ideal way of garbage disposal. But to maximize the collect and reuse waste classification is the first step. Now emerging consumer products emerge in endlessly, its accompanying garbage classification problem is also worth attention. For example, in recent years, the electronic cigarette smokers have been popular with it. Smokers garbage classification of knowledge necessary to distinguish garbage classification of electronic cigarettes, you must first know the pod systems belongs to which category. At present, the market of electronic cigarettes are divided into two categories. One kind is heating without burning electronic cigarettes, another kind is pod systems smoke oil. There are two types of electronic cigarettes are composed of heating rod and smoke bombs, but the former a smoke bomb is made from traditional tobacco, while the latter is the electronic cigarette smoke. Because the new heating burning tobacco leaf tobacco products used for heating, so recycling method should be the same as the traditional tobacco. According to 'Shanghai living garbage management ordinance, cigarette butts are classified as waste. About electronic liquid smoke, Shanghai has not yet provide clear garbage sorting, but electronic cigarettes both heating rods is electronic waste. Environmental protection is not fighting alone with the information above, cigarette smokers should know already kind of rubbish. However, smokers' cooperation is one aspect, but through the waste classification to achieve sustainable development and not the user's task. Producers ( Enterprise) Should bear greater responsibility. Some companies have already begun to take action. Such as electronic cigarette brands, apple use discount and discount to encourage consumers to apple computer or mobile phone over to recycle. In recent years, with the development of the era of electronic cigarettes have become a new kind of consumer product, but the birth of a new problem. How to recycle waste electronic cigarettes? Tobacco companies can achieve sustainable development? Of course, the international tobacco giant Philip morris international, the answer is given. On the way of environmental protection both opportunities and challenges, but insists it was the only way out. Enterprises should play a guiding role, at the same time introduce the corresponding incentive mechanism, to stimulate consumers and companies attach great importance to the protection of environment and realize sustainable development. Today, with environmental problems looming, I hope that more companies will self-examination and to startup the mechanism of the sustainable development of electronic cigarette product knowledge as soon as possible, this will have a positive impact on consumers and society.
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