How many smoke oil brand choice?

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-16
Electronic cigarettes, smoke oil is the most important part of electronic cigarettes. Smoke oil brand, taste is numerous, domestic, import, in the United States, at least there are thousands of the taste of the Malay. When you smoke with their favorite oil every day, to enjoy the satisfaction of taste buds,  smoke oil is the most important part of electronic cigarettes. Smoke oil brand, taste is numerous, domestic, import, in the United States, the Malay & hellip; … At least there are thousands of taste. When you smoke with their favorite oil every day, to enjoy the satisfaction of taste buds, ever thought that this wonderful liquid is made up of what? How do different taste, unique flavor? Overall, the smoke oil is generally composed of 5 kinds of raw materials. The PG ( Propylene glycol) VG ( Vegetable glycerin and glycerol) , essence, nicotine, improve taste additives. 1、PG ( 丙二醇) , i. e. , propylene glycol, is a common drugs and food additives. Hygroscopic moisture absorption, sweet, colorless, transparent liquid with good liquidity. The us food and drug administration ( FDA) Definition of PG is generally safe to human body. Of course, also have said, PG WeiDu. PG as the basis of electronic smoke oil ingredient role is largely as a carrier of the essence, enhance the taste of smoke oil, after heating will produce a small amount of the mist, and a certain sense of strike throat. Also have diluted VG, reduce smoke oil viscosity, easy to guide the oil. PG although common safety to human body, but a small group or throat discomfort, much sputum, allergies and other side effects. Short and mild side effects, such as long as you stop sucking or in low PG content of smoke oil or excluding PG smoke oil symptoms will disappear naturally. High content of PG smoke oil in general taste is heavy, throat feeling slightly stronger, smoke volume is relatively small. 2,VG ( 蔬菜甘油) , also known as the vegetable glycerin or glycerin. And PG, is also very widely used in daily life of a kind of raw material. Careful friends look around the cosmetics, food, wine, sugar, the label on the package of components have propylene glycol, glycerin. Especially like to eat sweet food, amount of VG is very much also. Because these sweets ingredients such as cakes, biscuits, mostly contains VG. 3, essence, flavor in the role of smoke oil is very important, can say is the soul of the oil smoke. Oil smoke flavor is determined by essence. The collocation of different taste flavor, proportion of how much oil determines a smoke flavor. And general unique flavor of smoke oil, its essence formula is very complex. There are some special flavor, such as mint, would also have hit throat feeling. Nicotine 4, main effect is to alleviate his smoking habit, throat feeling. And has certain promoted the role of oil smoke taste. Some people think about nicotine, nicotine is a highly toxic. In fact oil smoke contains nicotine solution, concentration is not high. Over the past century has been closely linked with death, cancer and nicotine had a lot of current new attention, many experts to its name. Think the nicotine in cigarettes and not a lot of harm, carcinogenic tar, the killer is really from the burning of carbon monoxide and cigarettes. Even more than 4000 kinds of poisonous and harmful radioactive substances. Of course, the nicotine harmful to the body can not be ignored. So it's best to gradually reduce the oil smoke nicotine concentration, to kick the nicotine dependence. Smoke oil general common have 0 mg nicotine concentration, 6, 12 mg mg, 18 mg. The smoke oil with good quality of raw materials should be adopted by the food grade, that is to say, can be used as food raw materials, some imported or domestic exports of smoke oil must be certified by the FDA, prove harmless to the human body can be allowed to sell. So the choose and buy oil smoke as far as possible choose a big brand, high integrity of merchants to buy. Through the interpretation of the above, I believe you already have the knowledge of the elementary element of the oil smoke. After figuring out the composition of oil smoke, don't too worry about whether the oil smoke composition of poisonous and harmful, and later to buy oil smoke can choose according to need of smoke oil, won't happen again mistakenly bought big smoke dedicated high VG smoke oil in oil storage use the embarrassing situation of the atomizer. Of course, all want to pay attention to, too bad. So even though it is very safe, steam bus also suggest that we use less as far as possible don't overuse, so as not to affect the body.
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