How electronic cigarettes for temperature control mode?

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-23
If you are using an atomizer with temperature control atomization core products, it is very simple, you can skip this step. If you use the RBA ( To rebuild the atomizer) , you need to prepare the relevant temperature control heating wire. Nickel wire temperature control of the taste of a shallow, titanium wire and 316 taste similar to pressure regulation, but layer and the detail is richer, but the light of 316 is similar to the taste of 'metal'. Determine the temperature control of heating wire raw material, so should be how to choose the heating wire diameter? Different raw material, wire diameter is different also. We can undertake choosing according to the type of the atomizer. For example, the suction mouth of single-shot atomizer is applicable to 0. 2 - 32; If it is a single big smoke atomizer can be used to 0. 32 - 0. 4 wire diameter; Double drops of oil or a large number of product oil smoke, it is recommended to use 0. 2 - 0. 25 wire diameter. Because of the pure nickel material heating wire resistance value is very low, so double oil should be cut in half, to prevent if the resistance is too low, the host will not be able to support it, so please choose the resistance of the smaller diameter to increase its resistance. Use of titanium and 316 raw materials, can choose according to the daily regulating the diameter of the heating wire. Second, the RBA manufacturing 1, temperature control, temperature control coil coil with different voltage regulating coil. Part to prevent short circuit, nickel and titanium can't use these two kinds of material 'closed winding' method, can only use 'loose winding' 2, 316 is a special, it can be loosely or tightly wound, can be used for voltage regulation and temperature control. 3, number of turns can according to the use of the atomizer structure to determine as far as possible, and to increase the heating area. 4, in the process of winding, we could start with close winding, then on the coil rod stretching for uniform regulation. 5, other steps are the same as the pressure regulating coil, only need to install and put on cotton. However, please note that don't burned the coil of nickel and titanium, simply insert them directly in the cotton and adjust the distance. Three, host, set 1, select the appropriate connect the atomizer to host prices of raw materials, and then according to your use of the temperature control of material selection of the corresponding form of temperature control. , therefore, the author argues that in before connecting atomizer, first, to set up the host, set up electronic smoke temperature control knowledge of raw material, temperature, and the output, so it can relatively accurately detect resistance. 2, set temperature, next, we need to set the output temperature. The commonly used temperature set at 200 ℃ Between 300 ℃. You can try in this scope, and find the value of the most comfortable for you. The author of the most commonly used is 220 ° C and 240 ° C. The two temperature value can be used in most of the temperature control atomizer. Sometimes other large smoke atomizer need 260 or 280 ° C. About temperature 'unit', a lot of new people also entanglements, is Celsius or Fahrenheit? In the application of the , therefore, the temperature control is not so 'mystery', for the average user, need not with so many problems. 3, the output power setting some friends ask, is not about 'temperature control'? How to talk about the 'power' again? Electronic cigarettes 'temperature control' is actually a form of 'power output. Chip, in short, through the inspection to the change of resistance of the coil of the temperature of the coil. Coil made of nickel material, for example, when the room temperature of 25 ℃ have 1 Ω resistance, have 1 at 200 ℃. 5Ω。 If the temperature control is set to 200 ℃, the host will chip in 1. 5 Ω shortage for power supply to detect coil coil resistance. If it reaches 1. 5 Ω, please stop the power supply or lower power. By repeating this process prices, keep its resistance value at 1. 5 Ω nearby. Corresponding to the '200 ℃'. So the 'temperature control' is fundamentally a variable power output. Now the temperature control of electronic cigarettes hosts usually have two kinds of power output Settings, is a kind of users to set temperature, and chip to use effective power output, do not need user Settings, and the user can't set them. If the suction nozzle type atomizer, the power can be set to low. This also remind everyone, even though the is relatively simple electronic smoke temperature control knowledge, but in the use of this manual before, you should read as much as possible the manual, in order to avoid missing some will affect the use of special functions and operations.
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