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HanLi says advantages of electronic cigarettes

HanLi says advantages of electronic cigarettes


Do you remember the first electronic cigarette on sale in China and even in the world? Its "father" Han Li has disappeared in public for a long time. The last time I heard the name was in smoky advertisements many years ago. But recently, he has appeared again!

Recently, Hong Kong has become the focus of Vapor's attention both at home and abroad because of its intent to ban electronic cigarettes in an all-round way. At a time when everyone seemed to be acquiescing in the Hong Kong ban, some people came forward.

Fontem Ventures, a subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco, which owns the electronic tobacco brand "blu", recently provided evidence to the Chief Executive's Office that steam smoke can help reduce the harm of tobacco and improve the smoking status of adults in Hong Kong. It is suggested that adults in Hong Kong can legally purchase steam products and that adult smokers should be given the right to choose.

Fontem VenturesR&D team consultant Hon Lik said:We ask the Hong Kong government to reconsider its proposal for a total ban on steam smoke, which will affect the lives of current adult steam smoke users and smokers who may consider switching to products with less potential hazards.

It's common for people to come forward and make suggestions about the government's choices, but the people who came up this time made us fall in the eye. Hon Lik, read this word out or Baidu, you will know that he was the original smoky inventor. The company lost money year after year and was acquired by Imperial Tobacco Group in 2013. Hanli became a consultant to Fontem Ventures and withdrew from the market.

Imperial Tobacco is one of the most famous tobacco giants in the world. This time, it is a good thing for Vapor to have someone come forward to do it. In fact, the "Advice" of Imperial Tobacco is to explain the advantages of electronic cigarettes to Hong Kong by a group of Hanli and try to change the thinking of the ruling party. But Han Li, is it really appropriate? Why did Imperial Tobacco call this "old Vapor" to do something?


In fact, as the real "father of cigarettes", or even the "father of electronic cigarettes", Han Li's influence can not be underestimated, just this title is enough to establish his position in the field of research. But there were many years of losses, including Han Li's mistakes. Sending Han Li to do this will not balance the pros and cons.

"We understand Hong Kong's cautious stance on steam smoke and its concern about reports of the use of steam smoke by minors in the United States," Han Li told the Hong Kong government. However, the ban may backfire. Evidence from countries including the United States and the United Kingdom suggests that pragmatic regulation of steam smoke can help accelerate the decline in adult smoking rates.


From his way of speaking and attitude, it is objective and evident after all. At present, there are many countries and regions expressing headache for the side effects of the total ban on electronic cigarettes. This is also concerned about the electronic cigarette of the relevant departments of various countries have been thinking and headaches. It is hoped that the correct views and positions can ease the attitude of relevant departments towards electronic cigarettes. It is also hoped that "Father Like Smoke" can correct his name and make more contributions to e-cigarettes

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