Electronic smoke how to adjust the resistance

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-09
Power electronic cigarettes, maybe you want to know the following method to calculate the coil generates power or wattage. It does not show in the triangle, but the formula is simple. Only to the current in the circuit can be multiplied by the applied voltage: P = V * I in our example, the original formula is as follows: P = 4. 2V×8. 4 ap = 35。 3 w as a result, 4. 2 0 v fully charged battery. 5 Ω coil will be 8. 4 a and provide 35. 3 watt. You will see that as the coil resistance increases, the current will decrease, the power will be reduced. Pod systems resistance calculation method for us, we can use the second is ohm's law formula resistance calculation. Assume that your battery limit for 10 a current, and want to determine the safe operation of the minimum coil resistance and does not exceed the battery CDR. Want to calculate, you will use the following formula: R = V present I because you know the battery CDR for 10. A, so the calculation takes 9 a positioning to get 1 a margin. You also know, on a single battery module, your maximum voltage will be 4. 2V。 So the calculation is as follows: R = 4. 2V÷9AR = 0. 47 Ω results tell you 10 a battery of the safety of the lower limit of 0. 47Ω- Any current limit, and the risk of more than the battery current limit, and there is a trend. Of course, if you are using a battery, 25, on the other hand, the low resistance will drop to zero. 17Ω( Using the equation of the 9 a instead of 25 a) in 。 R = 4。 2V÷25AR = 0. 17ΩR = 0. 17 Ω e-cigarettes resistance change causes many friends will find using electronic cigarettes atomizer resistance to change, especially new to electronic cigarettes novice and friends often pay attention to the resistance value, and often 'jump' the resistance value of basic knowledge of electronic cigarettes. 1, caused by the coil resistance jump the RBA homemade coil resistance is usually by irregular coil winding, no burning through and caused the resistance of the change of local direct connection. Some heating wire made of special materials, their resistance will also changes with temperature. For example, they contain ingredients 'nickel' heating wire. There are special material '316 l' heating wire, the resistance change is big. Made of it the coil can be used in pressure regulating model and temperature control mode. In voltage regulation mode, with atomizer, the resistance value will be 0. A few Ω within the scope of the increase, and after stop using, resistance will decrease with the temperature decreases. If you use the coil or made of atomization core made of 316 materials, is the resistance of the change in voltage regulation mode is normal, usually will not affect the use of 2, atomizer caused by jumping when atomizer parts not tightly installed, for example, the coil pin screw loosening, atomizer 510 positive screw does not tighten, or when there are metal, this type is common clastic atomizer or threaded joints. Some complex atomizer, such as 'Kayfun4' basic knowledge of electronic cigarettes, there are too many parts, while 510 parts using spring auxiliary power supply, which can lead to beat phenomenon. 3, host of the resistance change with the different resistance test method of electronic chip to detect the resistance of the smoke is only an approximation, is not very accurate, and the host using the chip ( Solution) Different, the resistance will vary] Detection methods, which will lead to the same atomizer on different host resistance value is different, especially for some of the early electronic cigarettes hosts. Some of the completion of the atomizing core is everyone is familiar. Detected on different host resistance will also with the atomization core tags on the resistance value is different, because the host detects the accurate value of the resistance value is not yes. Coil resistance is no longer synonymous with tasteless smoke. At present, using RDA, with fancy coil in the condition of low resistance, smoke and taste very good performance. No rules of correlation between resistance and taste. 3. According to the resistance value, the output can feel the best use of power? Whether the finished product or DIY atomizer, the best taste and ability to use vary from person to person. Even if is the same, different people will choose a different power, and no formula can be used to calculate the so-called [ k5] The best taste of power. When using the product atomizer, can according to the Suggestions on the power of the atomizer core to adjust.
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