Electronic cigarettes with mobile phones, cameras are electronic products

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-15
Electronic cigarette, electronic cigarettes like mobile phones, cameras, are all electronic products. When you buy mobile phones, cameras will focus on the equipment of some information, such as screen size, resolution, etc. Though equipment has been available for several years, but for the average person is  like mobile phones, cameras, electronic cigarettes are electronic products. When you buy mobile phones, cameras will focus on the equipment of some information, such as screen size, resolution, etc. Though equipment has been available for several years, but for the average person is new, the lack of knowledge of related nouns, parameters, purchases for the first time often make consumers feel do not know how to start. Pod systems package usually means the manufacturer factory is a set of electronic equipment, smoke contains the atomizer and the host. Such a suit for a more convenient, add oil smoke after will use after start. Suitable to use for smoke, quit smoking beginners to use. And suit is through the study of the combination of various item, some of the commonly used atomizer and host, battery match together to sell. The merchants to combination suit generally are higher sales item combination, is suitable for the couple. Suit while convenient, but also has some disadvantages, such as some EGO class suit backward technology, poor quality, the user could not be a good experience. Although some suit host function is good, but some poor atomizer. And evil people mixed up because of the EGO products, ordinary people is hard to tell the difference, so suggest you in the store to buy such equipment, after all, you can experience to the actual effect, avoid buy outdated technology products or palate is not suitable for their own products, so as to have wrong understanding on electronic cigarettes. Finished goods atomizer and told it in front of the RBA atomizer is composed of atomizer and host, atomizer is responsible for storing smoke oil and heating oil smoke fog, atomizer is to form the most important part of electronic cigarettes, it determines the experience of the user finally effect. A lot of people have a doubt, the types of atomizer and the brand has a lot of, what's the difference? The author started contact with everyone else when the , also can't tell what's the difference between specific, let alone choose a suitable for their own atomizer. Atomizer can actually classified division, according to a lot of standards such as texture type, smoke, can also according to the usage is divided into finished goods atomizer and the RBA atomizer. Atomizer structure, although most are similar, but each one slight change will have an effect to the palate. Appearance is founder, called the box. Both in box and pole, divided into mechanical and regulating. Regulating is refers to the host devices inside with electric circuit and chip, allows users to adjust the output of power, so it can not change the atomization core quantity under the premise of adjust the taste and smoke, and with all kinds of protection function, it is more convenient to use and safety. Machinery usually refers to the equipment without electronic components, divided into two kinds of mechanical lever and mechanical box, usually with mechanical lever is more common. Once someone to compare mechanical lever to a flashlight? ? , the metaphor is very appropriate, on the principle of both is the same. The structure and material of mechanical lever by itself form the current loop, supply atomizer. The principle of mechanical electronic cigarettes can also be understood as the flashlight bulb broken glass, put on cotton in the filament, to join the oil smoke, open the switch is the principle of electronic cigarettes. ( Use only as an example explain principle, it is very dangerous, don't try to readers. ) For newcomers, using pressure regulating class products more convenient and safer. For mechanical products generally have no relevant protection measures and prompt information, users need to have certain experience in electronic cigarettes and manufacture technique can guarantee, if the lack of related knowledge and troubleshooting methods and experience, although couple is very easy to use, but the probability of accidents will be high. So is suggested from the beginning of the regulating equipment, etc. Have certain experience in electronic cigarettes again after considering the mechanical products.
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