Electronic cigarettes which industry belong to?

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-08
Electronic cigarettes for a long time, so a lot of people don't know electronic cigarettes which belongs to the industry. Even the editor also don't know what is industry, does not give the country's specific classification, of course, we also can directly said it is industry, but should always have a industry. Classification, let us learn more. Electronic cigarettes which industry belong to? Should belong to 34 classes. 34 classes: tobacco; Smoking supplies; Matching. Especially under this category include: - Tobacco substitutes ( Nonmedical) 。 This category is particularly does not include: - No tobacco, cigarettes ( 5 class) 。 It is often thought to be electrical industry, because of the principle of the is the atomizer after electrify atomizing electronic liquid. Electronic cigarette according to industry analysis, in recent years, the is involved in which the knowledge of the industry, a new type of tobacco. New can be divided into electronic cigarettes, tobacco and snuff not burning hot products, snuff, etc. , as a representative of smokeless tobacco products. The is involved in which the knowledge of the industry, not because of combustion products using electronic equipment electronic cigarettes, so usually defined as electronic cigarettes. Therefore, in order to electronic cigarettes, which is different from traditional, according to the working principle of the brand electronic cigarettes can be divided into liquid type electronic smoke and heat of combustion type. China is now the world's biggest exporter of production and is mainly for international tobacco giant or brand OEM, provide 90% worldwide 95% of the products and accessories, formed a group of electronic cigarettes research and development, production and sales of manufacturing enterprises, such as Mcwell, Avips, full of science and technology ( 002925). The is involved in what industry knowledge, Shimeile Etc, Etc. ) 。 Our enterprises mainly with the rise of the domestic market and the brand consciousness enhancement, domestic company's own brand also began to rise. Although electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, the industry usually are classified as the tobacco industry, but with the development of electronic cigarettes, it is more and more recognized by the market, thus there are a lot of people will smoke classification for the electrical industry electronic cigarettes, specific industry depends on the country/region to the classification of the electrical industry.
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