Electronic cigarettes should be paid attention to when selecting mechanical lever?

by:Coolvapor     2021-02-02
There are many types of mechanical lever of e-cigarettes mechanical knowledge, what are the characteristics of mechanical lever of the most important. Let's have a look at the step by step, This article mainly is suitable for some understanding of mechanical lever, understanding of approximate ranking players and friends, new friends will have a special problem in the future, articles detailing the robotic arm on the button, please look) 1 appearance appearance always ranked first. Only if you like the look of the mechanical lever, to use in the future. Two specifications selected 22 mm mechanical lever or 24, 25 or other size? If you determine the future use only 22 mm, simply choose the 22 mm mechanical lever. If you are unsure, advised to choose a high-profile, can save a lot of money. After all, if the atomizer is small, it won't be too unwieldy. If a mechanical lever small sizes, it will always feel like a small cart. 3 s this is especially important electronic cigarettes mechanical knowledge, and even some of the more than meaning is ranking the appearance. The rod and the longest time we share together every day, must feel refreshing. The feeling of four buttons proposal must choose button pole, for press. It is not recommended to choose didn't feel particularly hard or very soft. For a particular pole handle problem, you can go to the store experience, or ask the people around you, is ok, but you don't have to have the effect. 5 whether mechanical lever lock itself has the lock, this is a big advantage, the unlocking and locking method is very simple, this is the biggest difference between mechanical lever and excellent way. 6 there are two kinds of buttons and battery contact contact, permanent link and half. Permanent connection means that the battery and mechanical lever at the bottom of the permanent contact combined with pod systems brands, and mechanical lever is located inside button switch. Half connection said batteries is in normal state, and the mechanical lever at the bottom of the contact. Only when will push up for the ignition, rod to electricity. Strongly suggest to choose the former, which will greatly reduce the relative safety of electrical carbon formation. 7 no one ever said spring switch at the bottom of the category, at the bottom of the rubber ring and the strong magnetic switch is absolutely good. Compared with the other two, the feeling of spring are more likely to produce excellent, but the quality of the spring is different! Rubber ring can greatly reduce the length of the switch at the bottom of the structure is novel, but the service life of the poor. Longer service life and strong magnetic button feel balance, but it is easy to attract the COINS in his pocket, it's very annoying. Eight pressure relief hole trying to choose a mechanical lever, there is a pressure relief hole on the surface, the positive upward, the pressure relief hole at the top. 9 at the top of the structure in time, it is direct and acupuncture, it is not important. Conclusion: if the world has a perfect, so it must be so. It has the appearance of the girl's pod systems brands, symmetrical body shape, comfortable grip and a pleasant experience of ignition. At the same time, the button is locked, and has a lock operation is very simple and effective. Batteries and contact the permanent connections, internal, silver plated contact by fine, smooth and fine material. Pressure relief hole is located in the anode of the battery. Hole is bigger, but it will not damage the appearance of the mechanical lever. At the top of the stitching didn't [ The shape of the swollen. Scratch-resistant coating material with pure gold silver. 。 Colorful as a whole.
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