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by:Coolvapor     2021-01-08
电子烟相关知识关于乐智电子烟为什么选择电子烟电子烟可以满足用户的的烟瘾,但避免了使用传统香烟的的副作用。 In addition, the use of electronic cigarettes cost is lower than that of the conventional cigarettes for more than 60%. How is the work? Electronic cigarettes by a battery, atomizer, smoke bombs and cigarette holder. The principle is that when the user to inhale brand prices in the cigarette holder, atomizer in cigarette smoke liquid atomization, and produces the fog for user to inhale. Therefore, do not need to ignite electronic cigarettes, can directly use them to swallow swallow cloud of pleasure. Before using electronic cigarettes, I need to open any switch? Depending on the specific products. Now, Kemel products with mechanical and automatic switch. When using mechanical switch products, you need to press the switch to start smoking. 此的订单的是为那些不沉迷于香烟的且仅在需要的时才抽烟的顾客提供的便利它也更适合戒烟,请尝试的减少的吸烟。 When using automatic switch, don't need to do this. When you inhale cigarette holder, has already started to work. Don't need to switch, ignition without using lighter. Electronic cigarettes each smoke bomb nicotine content? It is customized according to customer's request. The content of nicotine is high, the concentration ( 12毫克) Electronic cigarette product knowledge, low concentration ( 8毫克) , according to the needs of customers, we also have high concentration ( 24mg) And the two cigarettes do not contain nicotine liquid. When customers choose when he wants to taste the product knowledge, he must also choose the concentration. Traditional if you want to smoke a cigarette, you must choose a high concentration of, but we do not recommend the customer to choose high price of electronic cigarettes, but we suggest the customer to choose the concentration and low concentration. If you just want to meet the mouth addiction, it is suggested that don't use nicotine content. I really can use electronic cigarettes a is not anytime and anywhere, tobacco products and smoke without any toxic chemicals, I can say that we [ Electronic cigarettes and liquids is the international certification of products, there are a dozen of the , all of these electronic cigarettes can be used in our daily life, they won't cause harm to human body. 人体的并从烟草的中直接提取添加的的尼古丁。 So, if you use it in any place, will not affect the people around you. It is very unique, can be used in a smoke-free place of cigarettes. Pod systems battery can use how long? Electronic cigarettes rechargeable batteries, the use time of per charge of about 10 hours, depending on the user's use frequency. How long should I use the cartridges? Electronic smoke cigarette equivalent to about 12 cigarettes, can smoke more than 120 product knowledge, some advanced products ( DSE arithmetic, for example, 601) Can absorb more than 900 cigarettes. This is the longest currently on the market of ink cartridges. On using time, depends on the use frequency of the user. The user can add liquid smoke to the smoke bomb yourself? Don't. We will not provide consumers with electronic liquid, we strongly recommend that you don't try to own electronic liquid added to the ink cartridges. If you must do this, you want security.
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