Electronic cigarettes history and basic knowledge

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-24
Electronic cigarettes knowledge
a, 1, the history of smoke inventor of electronic smoke patent sold for $75 million to the price of Britain's imperial tobacco companies. Founded by mr. han smoke electronic cigarettes. The company has experienced a period of prosperity, about 2006 years. Mr. han said, when the history and basic knowledge, if you don't stop working 24 hours a day and can't meet the demand. But in the same year electronic cigarettes, some media reported that the smoke can also be addictive and cause a heart attack. Such reports to the sales brought devastating blow. Authorities accused smoke electronic cigarettes are irresponsible product promotion, and ordered businesses to stop selling the products in Beijing. 7 a, 1, the history of is the inventor of the dream, one day e-cigarettes history and basic knowledge of electronic cigarettes can completely replace the traditional cigarettes, smoke like today's digital camera was almost completely optical camera will be a thing of the past: 'my name is closely related to the development of the industry, maybe electronic cigarettes in 20 or 30 years history and basic knowledge, I will become famous' 8 a, electronic cigarettes, 9 a historical development process of the , history 2, the development process of the 10 second, the basic knowledge of 11 (2) the function of electronic basic knowledge of the smoke benefits 12 (2) the benefits of electronic basic knowledge of smoke tobacco free, no need to 'light' electronic cigarettes, no tar. It can be used anytime and anywhere, and is beyond the scope of smoking. Electronic cigarettes can be attracted to anywhere, such as bars, restaurants, cinemas and theatres. Without first hand smoking and secondhand smoke no unpleasant smell, no fire, no ash, easy to use, convenient, without embarrassment and, for teeth no pollution or damage to the skin is a kind of popular trend of symbol 13 second, the electronic structure of the basic knowledge of the smoke electronic cigarettes are usually made of battery, atomizer, smoke of 14. Second, the electronic structure of basic knowledge of the smoke electronic cigarettes by internal air switch control of the battery. When smoking, the switch, the battery for the heating wire of power supply in the atomizer. Heating wire produces heat, which are attached to the surrounding atomizing oil smoke, and smoke with airflow into the man's mouth. Oil in the cigarette smoke contains no tar and other harmful elements.
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