Electronic cigarettes classification and characteristics

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-25
At present, the brands, people need to know more clearly to know the , in order to choose suitable high quality electronic cigarettes. According to the order, this is the classification of electronic cigarettes. The classification of the according to the current market: a, if the electronic cigarettes are classified: 1, the simulation of smoke, smoke the size and appearance of real high quality smoke with the same hardware knowledge prices, smoking electronic cigarettes lit up. With ash has the same effect. 2. The simulated cigarette: all kinds of shape can meet the needs of all kinds of people. Second, if the charging method classification: 1, can't charge, and the repeated use of electronic cigarettes: disposable cigarette. On the market at present, small Bling2019 model belong to this category, including Bling is the world's first 2. 5 ml electronic liquid capacity of one-time little smoke, one-time use 1 small cigarettes. 2 ml of electronic liquid configuration. The new Bling2. 5 ml electronic liquid than similar products on the market at least 67%. This is not only to increase the number of electronic liquid, and Bling storage technology have new progress, we have 32 patents. 2, rechargeable : battery design for a component + nicotine solution atomizer, evaporation device + charging device. Oil type electronic cigarettes, for example, platinum 1 in U. S. standard cells and has four major safety protection functions, stable output voltage quality electronic hardware knowledge smoke, and used with laser embedded honeycomb multistage atomization technology, make the completely mixed in gaseous and liquid atomization process. Atomization effect more thoroughly. Integrated with quartz glass spray chamber to prevent oil spill, C type magnetic interface can be used for punching. In addition, platinum amber series rechargeable, but it is a filling type quality price hardware knowledge, adopting Hive3. 0 nano porous ceramic atomization core technology, atomization effect is constant, ensure the full-bodied palate electronic liquid. 3, wireless charging electronic cigarettes: at present, wireless charging technology is still not perfect, most of them are ok. Electronic cigarettes research and development team with the project, this is one of the development trend of the future. Electronic cigarettes. Third, electronic cigarettes in the development history of several products: 1. In smoke cigars electronic cigarettes: it should be said that the founder of the has just started, it's cigars. 2. Pipeline electronic cigarettes: shaped like a pipe. 3. Flat mouth electronic cigarettes, cigarette holder is plastic flat mouth. 4. Mini electronic cigarettes: the size of the shape more like cigarettes. 5. Ms electronic cigarettes: diameter is very thin, like a lady of cigarettes. 6. Chopper electronic cigarettes, Elegant ) : atomizer and smoke play together, is not easy to leak, the smoke volume is bigger. 7. Soft cigarette holder electronic cigarettes, cigarette holder and the cigarette holder of cigarettes are exactly the same. 8. Disposable electronic cigarettes, electronic smoke cigarette rod can't charge. 9. Disposable cigar electronic cigarettes: shaped like a cigar, but can't charge stems. 10. EGO electronic cigarettes: shape, relatively large. 1 1. VGO electronic cigarettes: Cartmizer EGO with larger shape. 12. Mechanical electronic cigarettes: compared with other types of electronic cigarettes, mechanical electronic cigarettes no circuit board, it will depend entirely on the mechanical principle of current to the atomizer, and the battery capacity is usually larger, and can change at the same time. 13. High power electronic cigarettes: power can be adjusted, to bring a lot of smoke. So far, the brand already on the market at home and abroad shows a dazzling array of chaos. As the global tobacco control measures and the implementation of the people's pursuit of healthy living ideas, tobacco will become a popular trend.
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