Electronic cigarettes can still play like this?

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-09
Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health more and more of a smoker are doing their utmost to quit smoking are billed as 'stop smoking artifact' electronic cigarettes gradually into the public eye but do you know? Some criminals use of electronic smoke oil of hidden things I made illegal activities from the UK's suspicious package on May 26th, zhuhai gongbei customs belongs to jiuzhou customs is to through the post office sent to Macao from England play a number of international mail to regulate electronic cigarettes knowledge, declare them and found a called 'sweet' gift 'in the packing there are exceptions. After inspectors found that in addition to candy and ball-point pen, parcel has to be mixed with 3 pieces of electronic cigarettes liquid, and send out a little hemp taste electronic cigarettes, doubt is marijuana made. Extraction of liquid. Subsequently, jiuzhou customs anti-smuggling bureau, zhuhai public security bureau and the judiciary police station in between the three parties in cross-border joint action. On May 28, the macau police arrested a involved, seized three cigarettes. The confirmed 3 cigarettes oil contained marijuana ingredients. Later, the macau police found on the suspect's house there is a machine used to eat big sesame oil electronic cigarettes. The suspect claimed that the seized marijuana products is one of his friends to his birthday gift. At present, the case is under further investigation. Marijuana smoke marijuana extract oil contains high purity, better than the traditional drug marijuana addictive and confusion. According to the criminal law of the People's Republic of China, the customs law of the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations knowledge play electronic cigarettes, marijuana and its products are drugs, its send, carrying and smoking are all illegal activities. Electronic cigarettes don't allow any concealment of the powerful unit through the Internet electronic cigarettes sell compared with the traditional hemp products, electronic smoke oil is more hidden, also brought the supervision of a greater difficulties. Therefore, to strengthen the supervision of the will in containing the spread of drug plays a very important role. On November 1, 2019, the national tobacco monopoly bureau and the state administration of market supervision and management of the published 'about further protect minors from electronic cigarettes notice, must not sell electronic cigarettes to minors. Electronic cigarettes are not allowed to sell via the Internet to play knowledge of electronic cigarettes, advertisements are not allowed to release via the Internet. In an important period of physical and mental development of teenagers. They have a lot of curiosity. They are long-term long term lack of understanding about the hazards of smoking. Once you start smoking, they are likely to form lifelong smoking] Bad habits brands, leading to the durability of the harm to the body. Tobacco products and electronic cigarettes contain a substance called nicotine. Nicotine is a spiritual activity material electronic cigarettes, addictive. A study comparing the 20 kinds of drugs, including our common tobacco and alcohol, found that nicotine addiction in all ranks third in the addictive substances, after heroin and cocaine. Any form of nicotine, as long as you touch it, it is possible to become addicted. Whether you smoking traditional cigarettes or electronic, intake of nicotine can be absorbed into the lungs. Lung blood, which made the nicotine can reach the brain through the rapid circulation of the blood, and stimulate the release of a large amount of dopamine in the brain. This is addicted to smoking and smoking electronic cigarettes and difficult to quit smoking. Small make up remind smoking is harmful to your health, whether traditional or electronic cigarettes, tobacco has the risk of addiction, 'friend' of all sizes, please be sure to refuse any form of nicotine, because this is the first step away from drugs.
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