Electronic cigarettes atomizer the related knowledge of novice observation after rising position

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-20
Many friends had just pulled out of the were perplexed by atomizer. It's role in the electronic cigarettes, what will happen without it? Let me tell you the new knowledge, the atomizer is an important part of , it is the carrier of electronic liquid, is part of the 'smoke' to improve and upgrade the product. Old electronic cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, output devices support to heat and atomizing oil smoke to smoke. If there is no atomizer, the normal operation of the electronic cigarettes. A, the classification of the atomizer: A, finished product atomizer ohm tank B, the RBA atomizer ( Reconstruction atomizer) The RBA can be divided into: 1, the RTA ( Reconstruction tank atomizer) 2、RDA( Reconstruction of drip irrigation atomizer) 3、RDTA( Reconstruction of water tank atomizer) Second, the working principle of atomizer: all of the working principle of atomizer are the same. By the host power supply, heating the atomizer heating coil ( Or atomizing core) To generate heat, heating coil, guide oil cotton absorption evaporation coil external ( Or internal) Electronic cigarette smoke oil of new knowledge, and then users of inhaled air to take away the atomization of smoke. These aspects of any changes will affect the taste of atomizer. Atomizer according to its atomizing core features can be divided into two categories: 1, finished product, because it USES to match the one-off atomization finished heating core, so it is called the finished atomizer ( Mainly oil atomizer) 。 Usually, there is no DIY base ( Some additional products equipped with DIY components) And finished product heating elements due to its structural problems can reset, but after reset is often difficult to achieve the effect of the influence of the original. And need more time. 2, the RBA atomizer, also known as core atomizer can rebuild the atomizer. It has not been equipped with a complete atomization core, players need to coil of heating coil, heating coil and installation guide cotton oil. According to its structure electronic cigarettes, it can be divided into RTA, RDA and RDTA 3 kinds. RTA is the reconstruction of atomizer, RDA is rebuilt oil atomizer electronic cigarettes new knowledge, RDTA with drops of oil in the tank atomizer. Three, the choice of the atomizer when we don't know much about the the atomizer, we can know by players or recommended by many comments which atomizer is more suitable for us in every respect. After using multiple atomizer, we will have a certain understanding about the structure of the atomizer, so we can according to the size of the air intake of the atomizer prices, atomizing chamber space, the comprehensive assessment of oil reserves and other aspects, and then choose the most suitable for you of the atomizer. Four, the use of atomizer note the correct method of use can prolong the service life of the atomizer and atomizer core. Use atomizer, please make sure the atomizer core has been electronic liquid wetting completely, and if you feel mushy smell or hot smoke reduced power and use it to electronic cigarettes, please temporarily stop the use after the main power disconnect. Atomizer body is very hot, and the frequency of the continuous pumping should not be too high. For cavity glass, can install forced ring protection device in the atomizer, the installation of the atomizer, please do not connect each twist too tight to prevent the lock. Five, the atomizer clean atomizer clean time depends on you. Usually, it is recommended that cleaning once a week to ensure the health, but many friends worry about trouble, changing the heating wire will choose clean. Clean, can use 1:20 mix baking soda and water. The atomizer parts into the water, let stand for 10 minutes. At this point, you can stir a little to remove the impurity in the atomizer. Rinse off with water, dry cloth or paper towel to wipe the water on the atomizer, or dry. In atomizer after so many years of development, the player's demand, appeared a variety of styles, more like a novice finished atomizer, and more like to smoke. Oil taste mouth inhaled atomizer, it is more like to enjoy the happiness of the great smoky pulmonary inhaled smoke atomizer. The structure of the endless innovation allows players to get a better experience. There are thousands of kinds of style, choose the most suitable for your style is the best. The above is the atomizer related information.
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