Electronic cigarette smoke oil is the oil waste pain points?

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-14
Pod systems, electronic cigarettes on the market category is various, but for consumers almost every type of has a spot, is oil leakage. Smoke a smoke flare on average a third of the oil is leaking waste. What is the oil? Flow out oil smoke in unusual ways, than  on the market of e-cigarettes category is various, but for consumers almost every type of has a spot, is oil leakage. Smoke a smoke flare on average a third of the oil is leaking waste. What is the oil? The smoke oil outflow in unusual ways, such as glass outside, atomizer base by atomization storehouse, cigarette holder lateral leakage, etc. Although have put forward a lot of solve the problem of electronic smoke oil, such as keep the atomizer, adjust the vertical air inlet, often clean the atomizer, etc. , but these are only used to analyze for consumers, and can not solve the fundamental problem. Why mobile phone, watches the waterproof function of consumer electronics do perfect, even against liquids such as coffee, tea, soda, why the oil leakage problem is not solve electronic cigarettes? Below small make up to simple analysis of electronic smoke oil frequent problems, electronic cigarettes leak will analysis from three aspects: structure, the precision of the accessories, the product design. In the recent few electronic cigarettes are to make improvement on the oil spill plan, we through the recent focus on the oil leakage problem under the product solutions to get to know; Popular small flat smoke cigarette smoke play the market structure, the general structure is: the sealing ring, atomization storehouse, guide rod, atomization core ( Fiber cotton/ceramic) Such as accessories. Figure figure perhaps electronic cigarettes smoke bombs and dismantling of the spill prevention design, you can refer to phone waterproof, according to the smoke bomb under the main structure from three aspects to look at on the market of for leak problem on how to improve? A, the atomization core in the face of smokers consumer demand change, on the premise of guarantee the taste reduction, Patrick McVeigh Feelm technology by atomization storehouse completely sealed components, can prevent the electronic cigarettes liquid leaking or dripping. RELX and is currently using Feelm ceramics that atomization core technology of leak proof design, materials and ceramic itself strong lipophilicity, conduction oil smoke, compared with ceramic materials such as cotton there won't be dry. Figure the FEELM honeycomb ceramic atomization core from the official website of two popular market, atomizer structure design of oil storage structure is mostly by atomization warehouse, guide rod, the base and the atomization core parts assembled directly, to a higher degree of accuracy between product structure, the combination of structural design under the condition of the sealing is not high, easily lead to leakage or up and down. 1. ZhuoErYue JVIC system adopt the innovation and unique JVIC system ( Vertical injection liquid coil) , separate inlet, feed, and oil, effectively improve the spill. Figure Joyetech ZhuoErYue ATOPACK PENGUIN atomizer 2. Multiple protection besides ZhuoErYue this JVIC system design, has always been a hot topic recently FLOW ferro electronic cigarettes, according to understand its waterproof level is IP56 yanju, can prevent splashing water strongly. Three, seals for sealing demanding consumer electronics usually adopt is sealed and enhance the coating design. Electronic cigarettes, the overall structural design, in addition to the atomization core artifact - there is a seal Sealing ring. Sealing ring in electronic cigarettes more connectors have distribution. Higher due to the material requirements of , atomizer surrounding material adopts the FDA food grade materials, and liquid silica gel due to its soft, non-toxic, high and low temperature resistance, easy forming features, such as by LSR injection or secondary injection, widely used in the 3 c electronic shell, such as mobile phones, phone watches, cato or interface such as position, sealed waterproof playing an important role, and electronic smoke seal design on the sealing ring is also plays an extremely important role. Figure electronic cigarettes atomizer apart from network atomizer parts with battery pole, most products have passed the o-ring seal and screw thread connection. Silicone ring almost distributed in atomizer on each connection parts, electronic cigarettes thermal conductive silicone, thermal conductive silicone is to prevent oil spills, improve the sealing necessary accessories.
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