Electronic cigarette rod and box of difference between electronic cigarette rod and box effect is better

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-22
Electronic cigarette is a new kind of quit smoking products, more and more people are using it how many w mechanical lever knowledge of electronic cigarettes, so the difference between the smoke rod and cigarette now by China tobacco network editor for all the answers, and that electronic cigarettes and box. Electronic cigarettes the difference between the poles and boxes to electronic cigarettes very differences between box and a more comprehensive, complete analysis, the following are a few different with electronic box, can better distinguish the differences of] 。 And rod and good box. Manhattan AV series commandos ( Mechanical bar) Mechanical lever of integral feeling is the emergence of the wind, the trembling of the throttle blasting speed is the dream of many people, but security is relatively low, and the mechanical lever is the same. Electronic cigarettes and sometimes up to rumors, because there is no safety device, mechanical pick-up itself and the output is very fierce! The appearance of the single light makes many users like it electronic cigarettes, or hate it, and do not recommend the novice players choose the relative knowledge of basic electronic cigarettes. ATTO pole ( A mechanical lever) A mechanical lever the appearance of the simple and comfortable how many w mechanical lever knowledge of electronic cigarettes, no selection of gear, and half the performance of mechanical lever similar! Joystick itself on the basis of mechanical lever is equipped with safety and prevent short circuit device, with the appearance of the fashion of mechanical lever also has safety protection. It is also a single electrical design, light and convenient, and there is no power. It can used in cigarettes. For the difference between the is extremely and frame, the is relatively stable. IPV5 ( Dual battery or battery pack) This box is particularly comfortable, good performance and fuel economy is the absolute principle. The temperature control box slightly bulky appearance, but can meet the performance of different resistance wire. It can make temperature control, and can adjust voltage electronic cigarettes knowledge of how many w mechanical lever, provide the available power and can completely meet the requirements, and the function of the quality of people, prices, of course, the explosive power also has some disadvantages. Tesla Invader (third generation A mechanical box) The half mechanical box belongs to type! A function of the special, horsepower, single gear adjustment dial, the adjustment of the gear depends on the user's experience to judge, otherwise very easy to get stuck! Output delay time is very small, and the pursuit of violence is preferred, therefore better electronic rod and box. # # p# subtitles e# e-cigarettes poles and boxes are good by knowing how to list of , we also for electronic cigarettes and frame the analysis of the differences between the more complete, so the so is the difference between the anode and box. In fact, in terms of poles and boxes brands, there is no good or bad. For initial mechanical pole in the form of electronic cigarettes. No chips and a copper pipe, but security really is lower than box. Yu Box has the advantage that it is smooth and easy to carry, the Box is safe and protected. Some and mechanical model, with large power and extensive adaptability. There are a lot of boxes. Novice recommended by the box. Network of editors will introduce the information about electronic cigarettes and extremely box and related electronic cigarettes and differences between box. For more related content, please click: and smoke. This is a stabbing pain.
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