Electronic cigarette design basic knowledge sharing

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-31
A good industrial designer need continuous learning and accumulation, whether the product itself, or structure, material, process, the knowledge of the color, all need to learn and time to accumulate] 。 Of course, learning and absorbing others' knowledge and experience to industrial designers are equally important. If you want to design the electronic cigarette is very good pod systems design on the basis of knowledge sharing, so designers must have a deep understanding on the electronic cigarette products, and he needs to learn and good electronic cigarette design work experience and knowledge. Let's share a senior designer of the basic knowledge and experience of electronic cigarette brands, he brought us the electronic cigarette design information. First, let's have a look at the classification of the electronic cigarettes: 1, the three parts of pod systems smoke design knowledge sharing, the basis of cartridges electronic cigarette, atomizer, traditional battery components; 2, two parts of electronic cigarette, disposable atomizer, battery components; 3, a piece of electronic cigarettes. We all know is a kind of more popular on the market of disposable atomizer electronic cigarettes, so the next step is to focus on disposable atomizer electronic cigarettes. Disposable atomizer can according to different standards are divided into different categories. Main functions are as follows: 1, the disposable use, after use discarded; 2, easy to use, can be used with battery screw and screw down the; 3, reliable performance, good taste, taste is pure; 4, the price is cheap and affordable, cost-effective; 5, can according to customer needs, design a variety of types of electronic cigarette design knowledge sharing, the basis of different diameter, different slogans and different tastes. When design the disposable atomizer, need to pay attention to the following aspects: the design and selection of heating wire; The design of the oil quantity; The design of oil storage cotton; The design of the atomized sleeve; Atomization sleeve material choice; Atomization sleeve length design; The design of the packaging method and so on. , of course, the designers also need to the working principle and structure of the electronic cigarettes have a general understanding of, for example, the conjoined cigarette production process, battery components, battery production process, atomizer components, atomizer production process, etc. In addition, the designers also need to know about the disposable atomizer electronic cigarettes of some common problems. Oil, for example, excessive oil injection rate, the size of the storage of cotton abnormal, improper lubricating action, etc. ; Peculiar smell, not clean material, the peculiar smell of the employees, such as: the electrical conductivity of the oil is poor, too much electricity, etc. ; Abnormal materials of resistance current exception: come in, electric wire components is too high or too low. All these require designers to avoid and solve the problems in the design of electronic cigarettes. It should be pointed out that, in the design of electronic cigarettes, creativity is very important. Product creativity is to electronic cigarettes key to distinguish with other similar products. It can make the product stand out in the fierce competition in the market. Therefore, designers need to blend in their own unique creativity in the design of electronic cigarettes, soul to products, and make the product look different electronic cigarette brands, and leave deep impression.
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