Electronic cigarette battery charge safety and guide

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-11
Electronic cigarettes: all the battery charge must use the correct charging cable. Vapouriz USB charging cable ( The output of 4. 2v) Must be used only for the USB port on a PC or Vapouriz UK USB wall adapter.  electronic cigarettes all Vapouriz battery charging guide must use the correct charging cable. Vapouriz USB charging cable ( The output of 4. 2v) Must be used only for the USB port on a PC or Vapouriz UK USB wall adapter. Charging the battery indicator light will flash connected correctly, the indicator lights on the cable will be after a full charge from red to green. 3 - may be needed for most of the battery 4 hours to fully charged. It is recommended that you only after the battery fully drained to the battery. Battery indicator light will flash, said the battery is insufficient, need to recharge. Electronic cigarette battery safety please read carefully the battery or the charger, the processing method may lead to ventilation or the possibility of fire danger. User agrees to accept all of these products of this kind of risk responsibility, shall not retain VAPOURIZ, distributor or retailer ( Including the owner and employees) For any accident caused by improper use, is responsible for personal injury or property damage. In normal room temperature, the battery and charger stored in a cool, dry place. Do not use batteries or chargers in the heat or direct sunlight. Keep the ignition source, such as flammable objects or liquids, spark, electrical equipment, hot objects and phones away from the battery and charger. Don't let the battery charge unattended or charging more than 4 hours. Don't let the battery charge overnight. Please do not put batteries in or near a microwave oven or internal high pressure vessel. Do not use the battery charger submerged or wet in other ways. Don't use Vapouriz product alternative suppliers of battery or charger. Please do not remove, piercing, modification or other unnecessary impact on battery or charger. Do not use the battery, battery charger, please disconnect. After atomization closed cell & # 8211; Avoid put it in when the battery is still open for the battery in a pocket or bag, and the battery and charger in fireproof container, such as LI - 阿宝安全充电包。 Please do not use or charge seems to be leaking, discoloration, rust, deformation of the battery; Send out a smell; Or whether there are abnormal. Plastic casing damaged or torn or parcel things, please do not use or charge. The battery and charger away from children and pets. Do not use battery charger for the intended use or purpose. According to your area of the local laws and regulations dealing with battery and charger. If you have questions to correctly handle the battery and charger, please contact Vapouriz support units. When in use and carry 18650 battery, please consider using a battery pack, in order to avoid damage or unsafe. The use of any device, check the vents, usually located at the base of the equipment. When using require multiple battery equipment, please make sure the battery in the same power level, to avoid performance problems.
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