Do you really understand the electronic cigarette?

by:Coolvapor     2021-02-05
Relevant smoking policy, introduced as the country, more and more smokers realize that their smoking is chronic suicide, so they started trying to quit smoking electronic cigarettes product knowledge, but because of the spirit of nicotine in the long run erosion, many smokers want to quit smoking is very difficult to stick to it, so the electronic cigarette products attracted the attention of people. A large number of smokers began to try new kind of electronic cigarettes. But many people don't understand the electronic cigarette pod systems product knowledge, therefore in the process of buying into a lot of misunderstanding. This article will help you some basic knowledge of popularization of electronic cigarettes. I hope that the choice of most smokers help, to avoid arbitrary choice. Most people who want to buy electronic cigarettes are basically want to quit smoking. Therefore, this article tends to quit rather than a friend of smoking. After all, they are now pursuing health and reduce their effects of smoking on the surrounding environment. Electronic smoke not good to stay healthy, but more healthy than smoking. For many people, the electronic cigarette asked if very painful. So, let me discuss in detail the principle of the electronic cigarette is the principle of electronic cigarette smoke by atomizing oil smoke smoke. It is different from traditional the burning of tobacco. Combustion temperature can reach 800 - 1000 degrees, electronic cigarettes atomization temperature of about 170 - 200 degrees. At such a high temperature, the traditional cigarette material can produce a variety of decomposition, with as many as 4000, nearly half of them what we don't know. But the electronic cigarettes liquid can clearly know the material composition, it consists of glycerin, water product knowledge of electronic cigarettes, plant extracts, and other components of electronic cigarette prices, which do not contain tar, carbon monoxide and other metal compounds, tar in smoke produced is 0, only nicotine, other no harmful substances in cigarettes. Compared with traditional cigarettes, harm is reduced greatly. Electronic liquid, liquid basically consists of four basic material, glycerin, propylene glycol electronic cigarettes, spices, nicotine and tar. Glycerol is used to form the smoke electronic cigarette brands, propylene glycol used in mixed seasoning, glycerin and nicotine. Needless to say, the flavor and nicotine. A kind of perfume, a kind of addiction. But now the electronic liquid usually also contains some other types, additives, such as sweeteners, cool agent, etc. But the basic material as described above. According to the normal operation, the smoke oil is added in the atomizer, make ordinary smoking do not exist in the so-called harmful substances. Now, many new pod systems has been changed to directly replace the cigarette model, this model is more simple and practical, can ensure that oral health.
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