Common questions about electronic liquid guide

by:Coolvapor     2021-02-08
When friends often play electronic cigarettes, they will be more anxious. I can understand this kind of mood. After all, I also came from that time ~ in use process, will inevitably encounter some ignorant problem electronic cigarettes all knowledge, this is normal. After all, this is something new. Don't be too nervous. No matter whether you know, all need to collect the knowledge! Don't talk nonsense, I began to show ~ 1, smoke the electronic cigarette, why is his mouth dry? The main components of the electronic liquid of glycerin ( VG) And propylene glycol ( PG) Are all high absorbent material. Therefore, because no one can change the ingredients, so don't need to consider how to change the electronic liquid to prevent dry mouth. Some people's mouth saliva secretion exuberant, so they won't feel dry and tongue; The secretion of some ability is weak, can only drink plenty of water. 2, what is the VG, PG? The VG said vegetable glycerin is electronic cigarette prices, it is one of the two basic solution of liquid smoke, also is the main source of smoke. Glycerin content is higher, the electrons liquid smoke. PG said for propylene glycol. It is made up of oil smoke and the basic solution. It can dissolve essence and mixed with other solution, can also provide a certain amount of throat pain. What is 3, throat feeling? Similar to the cigarette, when the smoke is the suction electronic cigarettes all knowledge, nicotine can produce mild stimulation to the throat electronic cigarettes, this is a black-and-blue feeling throat. But the electronic cigarettes liquid composition than cigarettes is complex, so strong. 4, what is the tender skin oil? Why do you want to revitalize oil? Electronic liquid containing oily and aqueous substances. Although the density between them is very close, but there is still a separate, just like oil and water. Wake up the oil is in order to make them fully mix with each other, and ultimately achieve balance. 5、E - Liquid really as long as possible to place? Absolutely not! With the increase of wake up of time, some electronic liquid will soften the pod systems brand, but not all electronic liquid is the same. After a long period of time, some electronic liquid will lose its original flavor. Most electronic liquid have awakened before they go out, should be finished as soon as possible after open, so don't put too long time. 6. Why the tongue pins and needles when someone is smoking electronic cigarettes? A: electronic liquid incomplete atomization in the atomizer, part into the mouth, leads to the second tongue numbness: electronic smoke is water vapor, some of them will be condensed in the mouth, a slight tingling had little effect. Try to increase the output power, make the oil smoke atomization as much as possible. 7, diy sucker it difficult? DIp oil smoke itself is not difficult. After choosing materials, can according to the formula will mix them. The risk is that the quality of raw materials. So don't blind pursuit of low prices, but choose to have the FDA, USP and EP certified suppliers. 8 and ate two electronic cigarettes and feel dizzy? Everyone is different tolerance of nicotine. Electronic liquid itself is the product contains nicotine. If you feel dizzy when smoking electronic cigarettes, can try to use low nicotine content or nicotine liquid. If you still feel faint electronic cigarettes all knowledge, and stop using the best electronic cigarette products, because health is not child's play. The above is a summary of the related problems with the electronic liquid ~ if you want to know about any aspect of the message area is waiting for you!
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