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China's national standards for electronic cigarettes are coming out soon, or will promote industry shuffling!

China's national standards for electronic cigarettes are coming out soon, or will promote industry shuffling!


The United States and the European Union have relatively detailed standards and norms on electronic cigarettes, while China, as the "home of electronic cigarettes", has not yet issued relevant standards, which has also led to the uneven quality of electronic cigarettes sold in the domestic market. Many non-standard products rely on low prices in the market to "expel good money", which in the long run will inevitably be for formal enterprises. Industry and brand cause huge losses, and consumers can not distinguish the quality of products.

However, this phenomenon is expected to become history in this year, because the national standard of electronic cigarettes will be officially promulgated soon.

The national standard of electronic cigarettes has always been a hot topic in the industry before. By searching the keyword "electronic cigarettes" on the national standard information public service platform, we can see that there are currently two results, one is electronic cigarettes and the other is electronic cigarette liquid. The status is "approved". That is to say, without any accident, the standard will enter the "release" link in the near future and end. China has no history of national standards for electronic cigarettes.

Standard state of electronic cigarette

The forthcoming two standards correspond to electronic tobacco mainframe products and tobacco liquid products respectively. The focus units and executing units are "National Tobacco Standardization Technical Committee" and the competent units are "National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau".

According to the standard cycle and date of delivery, the cycle of e-cigarette standard is 24 months, and it will be issued by October 2019 at the latest. However, the standard has entered the approval stage, with the voting pass rate reaching 78.18%, which also means that it is expected to be introduced in the year.

Without rules, the national standard of electronic cigarette may be only the first step to standardize the electronic cigarette industry. After the introduction of the standard, the relevant supervision and scientific research work have a basis. The new era of electronic cigarette industry is about to open, and the industry shuffling is bound to follow.

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