China electronic cigarettes for the future development of the core is what?

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-31
The development of the electronic cigarettes from invention to market has been going on for nearly 10 years of innovation and development, also experienced many questions and some policy changes without reason, but still not in his own world. However, the industry standard and regulation is still blank. Maybe the electronic cigarette will eventually belong to the tobacco, food and drug supervision department. Tell from the source, electronic smoke from the tobacco industry also smoke basic knowledge of science, and the new practical devices. Consider the electronic cigarette as the goal of the audience is really accord with the consumer orientation of the two products. In marketing on the road of the entire market, the electronic cigarette has brought the tobacco industry influence and affect the price of electronic cigarettes, the traditional industries of extrusion and under pressure. The safety of the electronic cigarette has yet to receive the official certification, national regulators are difficult to formulate unified standard for accurate positioning and supervision, this to a certain extent, led to the current electronic cigarette market product quality is not uniform. In addition, some quality problems of media exposure, the electronic cigarette has yet to overcome many of the technical barriers, this gave consumers a certain negative impact. Nowadays, many governments have started a new tax measures. Whether electronic cigarettes can continue to maintain the traditional relative cost advantage of cigarette is still unknown. The price of electronic cigarettes, our country has not yet set specific policy measures for electronic cigarettes monitoring, and the innovation of the related incentive policy only stay at the levels of biological engineering and manufacturing processes. Fuzzy attitude of market regulation and the tax policy for the future of electronic cigarette market has brought a certain degree of uncertainty. The future development of Chinese electronic cigarette is the key to what? Technology. Science and technology change the world, no matter what industry, only a bold innovation to lead the market and can't be assimilated. Through the electronic technology, communication technology and software integration technology, electronic technology has developed into a wearable devices, they become smarter, technology pod systems prices, cooler, more dazzling more disorderly, more entertaining. As a social tool, make people willing to share. Brand shaping requirements of the company has a strong capital chain. Basic knowledge such as product safety electronic smoke little science, quality, design, flavor and nicotine content of segmentation. Brand shaping, trade promotion and technology research and funding support are inseparable. The basic knowledge of electronic cigarettes small science, liam's editors hope, as more and more tobacco giant into the electronic cigarette industry, they can promote technology innovation, change of e-cigarettes bastard market environment and promote the market threshold. No products have been eliminated. Of course, the most important thing is to improve electronic cigarette, protect brand merchants and consumers' legal rights, so that consumers can regain confidence in electronic cigarettes. This is the top priority.
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