Can be used as a charging base electronic cigarette packaging structure of the manufacturing method

by:Coolvapor     2021-02-06
The utility model relates to packaging technology, especially involving a charging can be used as the base of the pod systems packaging structure. Technical background: packing box for packaging items. It protects the goods, at the same time improve the quality of the goods. Usually, the items in the box plays an extremely important role. It USES its own unique function and image language communicate with consumers, and to a certain extent, affect consumers' emotions. However, most of the existing electronic cigarette packaging structure are one-off, they besides protection products without other function, so we can not repeat use. This makes the use of resources is not enough, usually electronic cigarettes will be placed on the table, it will lead to the oil, bring some trouble to users. So the price of electronic cigarettes, it is necessary to improve the current pod systems packaging structure. Technical implementation elements: in view of this, the main purpose of this utility model is to provide a kind of charging can be used as the base of the electronic cigarette packaging structure, can solve the existing electronic cigarette packaging structure. Unable to make full use of, also can't bring convenience for the user. Compared with the existing technology, the utility model has the obvious advantages and beneficial effects. Specifically, you can see from the above technical scheme that: the surface of the support inside the recess sets groove of rechargeable pod systems prices, and charging slot is used for fixed charging rechargeable card position of the head of disposable electronic cigarettes knowledge structure, thus the charging slot can be used as a charge for the use of the user's seat e-cigarettes vertical slot insert charge, and allows the electronic cigarette is connected to the charging head, in addition, by the side of the first slot to open the connection charging wire slot internal support, and, in case the lead groove profile Settings are the first and second wire slot, so that the charging cable can pass through the first groove and the second wire lead. Grooving and in turn out from inside the box. Can be connected to an external circuit can realize the function of charging for electronic cigarettes; Compared with original technology of packaging structure of the product, increase the charging function, make full use of the packaging structure. In addition, it will be electronic smoke level vertical aeration mode, aeration mode change for avoiding the leakage problem, and brought great convenience for the user. Connecting with the first wire slot 102, 204 and the second wire slot, charging cable connected to the charge of the first 50 60 can cross the first groove 204 a then, lead the second wire slot 102 and 10 extends out of the box body. In this example, the first A trough in 204 and the second lead wire slot 102 directly connected to each other. Specifically, internal support a 20 subjects including 21 and gland 22 rechargeable disposable electronic cigarettes knowledge structure, and the main body of 21 were assembled to accommodate 101 space. The above 202, tank, holding tank 201 and the first wire slot 204. Both molded on the main body of 21, 22 fixed gland in charging slot 202, clamping position open in the gland 22, 203 when charging the first 50 203 card in compaction, the charging process on 50 can be extended upward. The surface of the gland of 22, and the lower part of the charge of the first 50 be paste in the gland beneath the bottom surface of the 22. Therefore, under the charging status, can insert the electronic smoke 40 charging the upper part of the first 50. When a user pull up electronic smoke 40, due to the role of the gland of 22, 203 charging head 50 is locked in position, thereby preventing the charging the first 50 and 60 charging cable is pulled out [ In the case of the rechargeable of disposable electronic cigarettes knowledge structure, 20, stent on the surface of the sag has used to put parts of storage tank, 205 and 202 the bottom surface of the groove is also equipped with buckle ring groove 206, gland 22 extension. Maintains a retaining ring 221, retaining ring of 221 fit with the retaining ring groove 206 fixed, retaining ring fixed easy tear open outfit. Lifted the lid covers 30 accommodate 101 opening space; Implementation in this case, the box cover 30 include two side plate and two cover on 31, 32, 31 respectively with two side cover both sides of the bottom of the box body 10 folding ground connection. Therefore, in the above example is made according to the technical essence of utility model. Any minor changes, the change of equivalent and modifications are still in this within the scope of the technical proposal of the invention.
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