Buying and selling electronic cigarettes, you have to understand

by:Coolvapor     2021-02-07
At present, China has about 300 million smokers, and consumption of tobacco products has a very wide range of 'mass basis'. In recent years, as a new type of electronic smoke tobacco products gradually penetrated into Chinese smokers, electronic cigarette volume quietly rising. But, the electronic cigarette sales in a grey area of law regulation in our country, relevant system is not yet perfect, which makes some electronic cigarette seller 'take adventure' and anxiety. If you want to confirm whether electronic cigarettes legally, you must first understand and tobacco sales in China of the relevant administrative regulations. The law of the People's Republic of China on tobacco monopoly 'stipulated in article 2:' tobacco monopoly products are used in this law refer to cigarettes, cigars, cut tobacco, heavy flue cured tobacco, leaf tobacco, cigarette paper, filter rods. , tobacco tow, tobacco machinery. Cigarette electronic cigarettes, cigars, cut tobacco and heavy frozen tobacco referred to as tobacco products. 'According to the working principle of electronic cigarette, electronic cigarettes can be roughly divided into two categories, namely the use not burning hot methods IQOS type electronic cigarettes and the use of atomizer pod systems smoke oil: use IQOS electronic yanju burning hot method, there are' eager silk tobacco shred or tobacco extract instead of burning tobacco 'characteristics, in the following situations require heating equipment and' smoke bomb 'smoking. The heater itself is not in 'cigarette manufacturing equipment list', nor 'of the People's Republic of China on tobacco monopoly' management scope. From the heating device heating 'bomb' cigarettes contain shredded tobacco, which is essentially a new type of cigarettes. It is a kind of tobacco products, under the law of the People's Republic of China on tobacco monopoly 'of regulation. The principle of atomizer electronic cigarette is through the atomizer electronic liquid suction. Electronic liquid usually consists of three kinds of raw materials: glycerin, propylene glycol additive in essence. At present, the atomizer and electron liquid were not affected by the regulation of the journal of the People's Republic of China on tobacco monopoly, it also provides electronic cigarette seller 'opportunity'. On electronic cigarettes illustrates the law of the People's Republic of China on tobacco monopoly 'of the current regulated, let's have a look at the sale of tobacco products of qualification and the consequences of illegal ACTS. Article 16 of the law of the People's Republic of China on tobacco monopoly 'regulation:' for enterprises or individuals engaged in the management of retail tobacco products, by the people's government at the county level administrative department for industry and commerce management. The government should track the superior administrative department of tobacco monopoly, the issue of tobacco monopoly retail license entrusted examination and approval, and has set up at the county level tobacco monopoly administrative department of the technical knowledge required for selling electronic cigarettes, tobacco monopoly administrative department at the county level can also review and approval issue tobacco monopoly retail licenses. 'Therefore, although the electronic cigarette sales qualification is based on the current' of the People's Republic of China on tobacco monopoly ', but there are legal blank, but with the improvement of the relevant laws and regulations] , the electronic cigarette sales into the regulatory scope is a big trend. The law of the People's Republic of China on tobacco monopoly 'stipulated in article 32:' without the consent of the tobacco monopoly retail tobacco products retail business, the administrative authority for industry and commerce shall order to stop the tobacco business. Products retail business electronic cigarette brands and confiscate the illegal income, and impose a fine. ”; Stipulated in article 35: 'tobacco monopoly product sales price of electronic cigarettes to constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law; The necessary knowledge about the minor selling electronic cigarette, does not constitute a crime, and confiscated by the administrative department for industry and commerce of scalp] Tobacco monopoly products and illegal income and impose a fine. ”。 At present, appear on the market of imported heat burning 'cigarettes' no legal source, nor in accordance with the law in our country. Therefore, even if has a 'tobacco monopoly retail licenses', also can't sell this kind of new electronic smoke 'cigarette'. Operating electronic cigarettes without permission 'smoke' is illegal. Illegal business revenue of 50000 yuan of above, the alleged illegal business. Suspected of smuggling ordinary goods and articles, the illegal trade in foreign countries, and may be regarded as smuggling ordinary goods and articles of the crime. In the process, if the electronic cigarette sellers in administrative punishment for the necessary knowledge about the administrative dispute selling electronic cigarettes, they may entrust the administrative law to intervene, in order to in accordance with the law to protect the legitimate rights and interests of a seller.
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