A rechargeable and filling of disposable electronic cigarette production methods

by:Coolvapor     2021-02-07
An electronic cigarettes, there are some inherent problems, such as cell loss due to static electric current of the battery itself, and some oil leakage in atomizer itself. If the product from production to sales to end users using the time span is very long, it will lead to a certain amount of power loss, leading to the battery is not enough to support the entire cartridges of power demand, and smoke. Counting number down, serious when even may have low battery voltage, which can lead to product failure and other problems; Disposable electronic cigarettes on the market at present, on the other hand, can only hold a certain amount of smoke oil, due to the happening of the atomizer oil smoke to add oil. Could accelerate the use of electronic liquid, and ultimately affect the user experience. Technical implementation elements: in view of the existing disposable electronic cigarettes can't charge and add electronic liquid, the user experience to a certain extent, affected, and provides a rechargeable and to fill the disposable electronic cigarettes, users can complement and add oil in order to improve the degree of satisfaction. The utility model is used to solve the above technical questions. The technical proposal is to provide a rechargeable, reload disposable electronic cigarettes, including casing, nozzle cap and, in turn, installed in the casing. Battery components, atomization components and storage components, including charging; Oil storage components including an oil cup, in the oil cup set is used to store the smoke liquid storage barrel, the oil cup away from atomization component extends to the sleeve at the end of the nozzle cover removable installed on the oil cup, and the nozzle cap has used to seal oil mouth filling plug. The power connector is a USB plug. In the utility model of the disposable electronic cigarettes, described in the atomization components include mike, mike thunder installation and atomization stents, described in the atomization bracket is installed on the oil cup between seal and battery, install the microphone installed on the atomization stents, install the microphone bridge installed on the microphone installed on and connected to the battery power. In the utility model of the disposable electronic cigarettes, heating components including installation in supporting tube of the ceramic heating core, and in supporting tube and does not cover any gap between the ceramic heating. Core of non-woven fabric, ceramic heating core towards mike limelight extension, and is used for electric connection mike thunder heating core connecting pin. In the utility model of the disposable electronic cigarettes, battery installed in the microphone at the end of the installation seat, on the other side of the battery installed on the bottom cover, and the battery socket on the wall of a certain interval for channel, the channel and the side of the plug hole contain connected; Installed microphone seat has a seat air hole, the installation seat hole is used for connecting shell channel pores and the seals. The implementation of the utility model provides a rechargeable and reload the disposable electronic cigarettes, has the following beneficial effects: the invention of the utility model is on the oil cup of disposable pod systems set mouth filling, and the oil plug seal of nozzle cap. Repeated injection. The end of the sleeve of the design for the connection to the battery connector of the battery. The charging structure consists of the battery connector and charging for the battery, solves the existing electronic cigarettes inherent disposable leak problem. Liquid and the problem of power failure can also achieve the effect of charging for many times. Used to reduce the cost, has good practicability and economy; Detachable connection charging base design, on the other hand, can save a k0] The fuselage of the internal space, effectively reduce the size of the pod systems. Drawing instructions below will combine the appended drawings and implement further this utility model.
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