A common problem and the matters needing attention of electronic cigarettes

by:Coolvapor     2021-02-03
Common problem of electronic cigarettes and matters needing attention in use process, please do not make the smoke body contact with strong magnetic or metal objects; Regularly clean smoke body; To recharge the battery and install batteries, please be sure to place the corresponding the positive and negative; Cigarette devices for department of electronic lamp brightness weak basic knowledge of the electronic cigarettes, indicates that the battery insufficient basic knowledge of the electronic cigarettes, need to replace batteries; Electronic smoke less or almost no basic knowledge of electronic cigarette smoke, suggests that the nicotine in the cartridge solution is exhausted, the need to replace the new cartridge; The battery into the cigarette case, tighten the end cover, electronic lamp not bright, please check whether the end cover spring good contact with the battery charging is completed, should immediately remove the battery from the charger, and at no charge, please do not put it in the charger, lest discharge; The normal use of each battery time is equal to the cartridge, the use of the time, that is, each cartridge must replace the battery at the same time. Q: who should not use electronic cigarettes? Answer: minors, pregnant women and nonsmokers. Q: how long it will last a smoke. Answer: the content of each of the cartridge is equal to 7 The content of eight cigarettes. Because the smoke has the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion, but there is no healthy electronic cigarettes, therefore to use the cartridge can be longer. Q: the battery can be used with batteries? Answer: no. Atomization of batteries used in the pod systems is a special kind of lithium battery, working voltage of 3. 7 v - 4. 2 v, cannot be used with batteries. Q: when did you need to recharge the battery? Answer: the fully charged battery can hold 1 - 2 cartridges. When the rod of quick flashing lights, in front of that it needs charging. Q: under normal circumstances, the cartridge life is how long? How long shelf life? Answer: the service life of ink cartridges for a week; Shelf life is 2 years to ask: how long is the life of the cut tobacco? Answer: if prices is artificial damage electronic cigarettes, tobacco article use longevity for at least six months. Q: will be inhaled smoke liquid oral? Answer: electronic smoke cigarette holder is designed, and the structure of the backflow, so you don't have smoke fluid of matters needing attention in use: pod systems smoke rods must be used only in charge for the first time. Do not clean the atomizer to prevent its fracture. The pod systems is not burning cigarette alternative products. It has some characteristics similar to ordinary cigarette electronic cigarette prices, can make smokers pleasure and meet its development needs. Habit. But this is different from the nature of ordinary cigarette, electronic cigarettes don't burn, does not contain tar, that, when burned, does not contain the ordinary smoke can cause respiratory and cardiovascular disease (CVD) of more than 460 kinds of chemical electronic cigarettes, so as to remove the carcinogen in the regular cigarettes. Don't harm to others 'secondhand smoke' and pollute the environment. When users of inhaled nicotine fog, he would feel the same pleasure as smoking traditional cigarettes. It from the perspective of people's psychological and physiological real simulated the whole process of smoking. Real hi-tech means is to create a safe, healthy smoking method, create a future-oriented smoking health and environmental protection of the human culture.
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