2021 electronic cigarettes knowledge collection

by:Coolvapor     2021-01-30
Electronic cigarettes knowledge collection, define the is not the burning cigarette alternative products. It has some characteristics similar to ordinary cigarette, can make smokers pleasure and meet its development needs. Habit. But this is different from the nature of ordinary cigarette, electronic cigarettes don't burn, does not contain tar related knowledge, that, when burned, does not contain the ordinary smoke can cause respiratory and cardiovascular disease more than 460 kinds of chemicals, so as to remove the carcinogen in the regular cigarettes. Don't harm to others 'secondhand smoke' and pollute the environment. When users of inhaled nicotine fog, he would feel the same pleasure as smoking traditional cigarettes. It from the perspective of people's psychological and physiological real simulated the whole process of smoking. Real high-tech means to create a safe and healthy smoking methods, and create the future of smoking health and environmental protection of the human culture. Second, the product structure through modern high-tech electronic cigarettes by aerodynamic sensing circuit, intelligent control circuit, servo actuator circuits, smart chip, ultrasonic atomization generator, atomization room price of electronic cigarettes, lithium-ion battery composed of microelectronics high-tech equipment such as intelligent microelectronics technology can realize the control of high-tech human functions, such as air induction, smoke simulation, the fog temperature control related knowledge of prices, standby at any time. Three, quit smoking according to the world health organization principle of nicotine replacement method recommended by the principles of design science programs for the four steps to stop smoking. Through continuous decrease suction, electronic cigarettes make quitters in imperceptible in his own body on the cigarette will physical demand down to zero, at the same time avoid the endocrine disorders caused by sudden stop smoking and withdrawal syndrome, thus achieved a painless to stop smoking. ( k9] How to quit smoking four-step method (electronic smoke The use time of each stage can be according to the smoking addiction, smoking and smoking age appropriately adjust) : step 1: holding period, the use of 'electronic cigarettes' ink cartridge as the normal 3 weeks; Step 2: during the control, according to the normal use 'electronic cigarettes' ink cartridge 4 weeks; Step 3: stability, according to the normal accustomed to using 'electronic cigarettes' ink cartridge 5 weeks; Step 4: consolidation phase, and finally, the use of 'electronic cigarettes' ink cartridge to quit smoking completely. ( k10) Electronic cigarettes can you quit it though our shop selling smoke related knowledge, but we in good faith the principles of the truth. The answer is: varies from person to person. If you insist to use electronic cigarettes for a long time and stick to install four steps to stop smoking, you will be able to successfully quit smoking.
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